Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Modcloth Outfit Challenge

I recently received an email from a Modcloth stylist to participate in a styling challenge. The piece to style the look around was the  Evening of Extravagance Dress. I don't have a lot of opportunities to wear really fancy dresses so I decided to dress it down a bit. Now I feel like I could wear it any night of the week instead of just a special occasion!  I hope you like the look I came up with! 

Modcloth Outfit Challenge

Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 Will Be My Year

Happy New Year! I think I said this last year but I don't really like to make New Year's resolutions. It makes it feel like I'm destined to fail. No one seems to follow through with them so in my mind, it's ok not to either. I really want to take this year by the horns and not wait for life to happen to me anymore. So, I would like to make some big and small goals for this year instead. I'm hoping that posting them here will hold me more accountable so here we go!

1. Get out into the world: I feel like all my friends are in relationships and I don't have anyone to hang out with. Instead of feeling sorry for myself like I did last year (well, yesterday), my goal is to get myself out there. The tangible things I can do are to join a group, contact the friends I have to do things instead of waiting for them, get on my bike or walk around my neighborhood, etc. My small goal under this is to join a club or start something like a class to get out and meet new people.

2. Be healthy: I don't want to make a goal to say "Lose weight" because that feels like a set up for failure. At the end of 2013, I've started working out with a trainer 2 times a week. Now, I want to try to go to the gym more and eat healthy more often. My small goal for the beginning of the year will be to research healthy foods and introduce them into my diet one at a time. I can't do it all right away or lose 20 lbs overnight so I'm going to start small and keep working my way up!

3. Go on a Trip: My trip to Europe was so awesome last year. I know I won't be able to do anything on that scale this year but I want to take at least one "just for fun" trip. Maybe I'll go to CO to visit friends or get a couple people together and go somewhere together. It's always great to have something to look forward to!

4. Get Rid of (some) Debt:  This one is not going to be easy but I'm going to try. I'm hoping to be smarter with money in 2014. I know that my student loans won't be going away anytime soon but I can get rid of my credit card debt with some work. I think my smaller goal will be to do the card with the highest interest first and work my way through them. I'll keep you up to date on this progress (if you're interested) to hopefully keep myself on track. I would like to buy a new car since mine is horrible in the snow so I know that paying off my debt will help me to do that. I won't be buying a car without getting that debt down though. End goal!

5. Do more with my blog: I mentioned this in my recap/blog birthday post yesterday but I feel like I've lost sight of this blog. I don't really post that many outfits anymore or do all that I want to do. I think I might start a whole new blog instead. I want to start an online store possibly or do more with the Etsy shop I do have. So many ideas rolling in my mind. What do you think? Change this blog or start over?

I would love to hear some of your goals and how you are going to stay on top of them and get them done. I could use some motivation!