Tuesday, November 26, 2013


Ah Venice. I've been to Venice three times and each time was a completely different experience. This time, however, was something totally unexpected. Venice was totally flooded. It had been raining when we arrived but we didn't expect the whole city to be covered by 6 inches of water. To say the experience was one I'll never forget is an understatement. I feel kind of bad because my friend didn't really get to see the positive side of Venice. I'm not a huge fan of this city but I have had some really lovely memories there so it's not all bad. I didn't take too many photos because I was scared of my camera getting wet but hopefully you can see what I mean.

venice flood

After some debate, I just took off my shoes and walked around barefoot.
venice flood me

The winds were very strong, so the city looked like an umbrella graveyard.
Europetrip 1352

The bridge of Sighs looked as lovely as ever though
Europetrip 1351

Europetrip 1349

No gondolas were heading out that day.
Europetrip 1341

venice sheena me gondolas

The canals were still picturesque.
Europetrip 1329

Europetrip 1324

You can see how high the water actually came up in the canals and how useless my umbrella was... :/
venice me

Europetrip 1323

Note if you are ever in Venice when this happens. Not all of the water taxis run when there is high water. We sat at a stop for about an hour before we decided to walk and ask the woman selling tickets. She looked at me like an idiot. We had to walk across the city to catch the taxi that could bring us out to one of the islands to stay with our couch surfer. By the time we got there, we were in a bad mood. However, our couch surfer was a really nice guy who was a glass blower by trade. He took us to a DELICIOUS pizza place and taught us a bit about glass blowing. It made the trek out there worth it (almost). I'm glad we got to see another part of Venice!

I'll try not to let this experience taint my opinion of this unique city. If you've never been, it's definitely worth a stop!

Friday, November 22, 2013

Can't Wait

I'm off to DC early tomorrow to see my two favorite peanuts! I'm going to take family photos for their Christmas cards. I can't wait!

Charlotte park

Juliet smiling

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rome Part 3 - The Forum

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum (ha!), we had a really bad breakfast/lunch. There are a bunch of cafes right along the road facing the Colosseum and we thought it would be cool to sit and stare at it while we ate. Which it was. However, the food was not good. My recommendation? Stay off the beaten path if you want delicious food. This should be a given but we wanted the view so we paid the price.

rome sheena me breakfast

rome sheena me colosseum2

Did you know that when you pay to get into the Colosseum that you also get entrance to the Forum? And your tickets are good for 2 days? No? Neither did I! It was awesome to get more for our money and the Forum was awesome. You could wander in there for hours. We hadn't really planned on going there so we only stayed for an hour or two. I did manage to take a TON of photos though so be prepared. I really loved this place so it was hard for me to narrow down which photos to show you. PS, I love the juxtaposition of old and new/ hard and soft so there are lots of photos with flowers and ruins... 

Europetrip 1225  Europetrip 1231

Europetrip 1229

Europetrip 1233

Europetrip 1236

Europetrip 1238  Europetrip 1244

Europetrip 1245

Europetrip 1247

rome sheena me forum

Europetrip 1256

Europetrip 1263

Europetrip 1267  Europetrip 1269

Europetrip 1283

Europetrip 1286

Europetrip 1290

rome sheena me forum2

Europetrip 1294

Europetrip 1295

Europetrip 1299

rome sheena me roses

Europetrip 1300

Europetrip 1304

rome sheena me forum3

Europetrip 1307

After the Forum, we went to the Mouth of Truth which I learned about from Roman Holiday. They only allow one picture per person now which wasn't the case 10 years ago when I was there. Oh well, it was still really fun! Plus, the chapel it's in front of contains St. Valentine's bones apparently. I even bought a little Mouth of Truth brooch. Which reminds me, I need

Europetrip 1310

Europetrip 1311

rome sheena me mouth of truth

Europetrip 1312

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Rome Part Two - The Colosseum

On our walk over to the Colosseum, we found this area of ruins just hanging out. That's what I love about Rome, history everywhere!

Europetrip 1076

Europetrip 1090

Europetrip 1097

Europetrip 1100

Europetrip 1101

Europetrip 1104 Europetrip 1106

Europetrip 1112

Europetrip 1125

Europetrip 1123
The second half of the day in Rome was spent at the Colosseum. The previous time I came to Rome, we did not go inside because as you can see from the photos below, there is plenty to see right around the site! You have the Arch of Constantine, the old Roman road and lots of photo ops with the Colosseum itself :)

Europetrip 1128

Europetrip 1134

Europetrip 1140

Europetrip 1144

Europetrip 1149

Europetrip 1150

I was surprised that the lines weren't longer to get tickets but maybe because we were there late in the afternoon, there weren't as many people. Since I had never been inside, I decided to pay for the audio tour and I'm glad that I did. It was really interesting to learn about the history of certain areas, actually know what certain things are and hear about the hierarchy that existed when the Colosseum was in use. Fascinating!

Europetrip 1157

Europetrip 1160

Europetrip 1162

Europetrip 1176

Europetrip 1177  Europetrip 1186

Europetrip 1191

Before we went to dinner, we headed to Villa Borghese Park which overlooks Rome. My friend wanted to see it at sunset which was really beautiful. It looked like a really nice park so if I'm ever back in Rome, I will definitely take more time to wander around instead of just going for photos.

Europetrip 1194

Europetrip 1197

Europetrip 1209

Europetrip 1215

More of Rome coming soon! The second day in Rome, we went to the Forum and the Mouth of Truth!