Thursday, November 21, 2013

Rome Part 3 - The Forum

A funny thing happened on the way to the Forum (ha!), we had a really bad breakfast/lunch. There are a bunch of cafes right along the road facing the Colosseum and we thought it would be cool to sit and stare at it while we ate. Which it was. However, the food was not good. My recommendation? Stay off the beaten path if you want delicious food. This should be a given but we wanted the view so we paid the price.

rome sheena me breakfast

rome sheena me colosseum2

Did you know that when you pay to get into the Colosseum that you also get entrance to the Forum? And your tickets are good for 2 days? No? Neither did I! It was awesome to get more for our money and the Forum was awesome. You could wander in there for hours. We hadn't really planned on going there so we only stayed for an hour or two. I did manage to take a TON of photos though so be prepared. I really loved this place so it was hard for me to narrow down which photos to show you. PS, I love the juxtaposition of old and new/ hard and soft so there are lots of photos with flowers and ruins... 

Europetrip 1225  Europetrip 1231

Europetrip 1229

Europetrip 1233

Europetrip 1236

Europetrip 1238  Europetrip 1244

Europetrip 1245

Europetrip 1247

rome sheena me forum

Europetrip 1256

Europetrip 1263

Europetrip 1267  Europetrip 1269

Europetrip 1283

Europetrip 1286

Europetrip 1290

rome sheena me forum2

Europetrip 1294

Europetrip 1295

Europetrip 1299

rome sheena me roses

Europetrip 1300

Europetrip 1304

rome sheena me forum3

Europetrip 1307

After the Forum, we went to the Mouth of Truth which I learned about from Roman Holiday. They only allow one picture per person now which wasn't the case 10 years ago when I was there. Oh well, it was still really fun! Plus, the chapel it's in front of contains St. Valentine's bones apparently. I even bought a little Mouth of Truth brooch. Which reminds me, I need

Europetrip 1310

Europetrip 1311

rome sheena me mouth of truth

Europetrip 1312


  1. lovely pictures from the forum <3 especially the ones with focus on roses ;) I am guilty of pinning your post ;)

  2. The ones with the roses are my favorite too :) I'm so happy you pinned a photo! I don't think anyone has ever done that before. Yay!

  3. I can't help it! If I like it I must save it :D my pleasure ;)

  4. Bummer the food wasn't good at the place you stopped, but at least you had a magnificent view!

  5. Gorgeous photos of the forum, Erin!

  6. It was a pretty sweet view, can you see it in the window reflection? :)