Monday, November 4, 2013

DIY - Painted Boxes

I have to admit, this DIY isn't hard or complicated. I do really like the results though so I thought I would share with you! I needed some new containers to hold things on my bookshelf but still have them look good because they will be out. Since I only have 3 closets in my place, there is really no place to hide anything. I wanted the storage to be nice and fit in with the decor/style I already have. Plus, I didn't want them to be clear, plastic or open on top. Filling all of these criteria was harder than I thought! Then, I found these unpainted wood boxes at Michaels when I was halloween shopping and thought they would work well.

Materials: 2 colors of paint (one for the base and one for the stripes), sponge brush and wood boxes

Step 1: Paint both boxes white (or whatever you want your base color to be). I let mine dry overnight before I started the next step.

Step 2: Tape off the design that you want. I did one with a chevron pattern and one with different sized stripes. The horizontal stripes were much easier to tape FYI.

10.30.13 001

Step 3: Paint the color you want for the stripes

10.30.13 005

Step 4:
Let dry for a couple of hours or overnight, then remove the tape. Voila!

10.30.13 007

10.30.13 008

Optional Step 5: My taping wasn't perfect so I did get some bleed through. I went back with my white paint and tried to touch up some of the spots where the lines weren't perfect.

I made one box my sewing box and one for my emboidery. This is a big upgrade from all the different places I used to store all this stuff. Now it's all in one spot!

10.30.13 012
I got this plastic container from the container store for about $3 or $4 and it's been working well so far.

10.30.13 015
This little plastic box was from the dollar section at target and works great to wrangle all my thread.


  1. These turned out really cute! I have been looking for in-expensive but cute storage options, this seems like a good idea!

  2. this looks too simple to be true -- i'm afraid i'd make a mess of everything. on the other hand, i have lots of boxes that could use the paint...