Monday, January 31, 2011

30X30 Challenge!

This is my first 30 for 30 challenge. If you know nothing about this, I would ask Kendi. She is a much better writer than me and also the creator of the challenge. The gist is that you pick 30 items in your closet and wear only those items for 30 days. I am doing a little tweak on this because I am only doing it for after work clothing. This is where I can be the most creative and what I have fun picking out.

I will go in to more detail about the specific items tomorrow but it is 11:20 and super dark in here so this is what you have for now.

Break down:
4 pairs of shoes
3 pairs of pants
5 skirts
1 blazer
2 dresses
5 sweaters
9 shirts

That's only 29, I know. I miscounted... I'm sure the other will either be another cardigan or another pair of shoes. I will get back to you. Here is a quick peek at the items. I purposely put them in my front closet so I could keep them separate. I also hung my tights, belts and such in there with them for inspiration. I'm so nervous so wish me luck!

winter 017
Super blurry, I will take better ones tomorrow. Oh, and I couldn't find my brown mocassins so the purple ones are standing in for them.
winter 018
Closet is all ready to go!

Skating on Thin Ice

I wanted to come up with something cool and clever for the title of this post but this is all you get. So, my anniversary was today and yesterday Shawn took me on a surprise date. All I knew was that I could wear jeans and should probably wear a sweater and a coat. Hmm.

Here is what I wore...
70s sweater

70s sweater close

70s sweater window

Vintage sweater - Rewind Vintage (love this place)
Tshirt - H&M
Jeans - old don't remember

So, where did we go you ask?

Skating! There is this really cool place called The Depot that used to be a train station. I am a terrible skater but with a lot of instruction and hand holding from sweetie, I got a bit better. He thinks I need to have my balance tested. He's probably right. I would have fallen about a bajillion times if it weren't for the boards and him holding my hand.

skating shawn me
Aren't we cute!

I love you!

No, not you. Well, we don't really know each other that well yet and it might be awkward if I said it to you this early in our relationship... I'm actually talking to my boyfriend :)

shawn me orchard

Happy 2 year anniversary. I had a wonderful weekend with you and look forward to many more milestones to come. Love you schweetie.

Friday Night Art

Shawn got us tickets for this cool event called Walker After Hours. The Walker is a contemporary/modern art museum in the Loring Park neighborhood of Minneapolis. Before any exhibit opening, they have one of these after hours events. You get food and drinks and can walk around the exhibits with a DJ playing in the background. It was pretty fun! We've been twice before but I thought the idea behind this exhibit was nice. Here is a quote for The Walker's website "Inspired by artist Mike Kelley’s observation that “the mass art of today is the folk art of tomorrow,” The Spectacular of Vernacular embraces the rustic, the folkloric, and the humbly homemade as well as the crass clash of street spectacle and commercial culture."

We had fun walking around the gallery and seeing all of the rustic and homemade art. It was like artists took things that were traditional like sailor's valentines but took them to the next level. Check it out if you're in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area. Like all contemporary art, I was confused by quite a few things and some were downright absurd. Even if I don't understand your art, at least show me that it took talent to make. A woman in folk dress violently massaging her boobs...that doesn't take talent to do and I don't get it. Oh well.

Plus, it was MN themed so there were lots of funny sweaters, big fur hats and parkas. Great people watching :) Here are some pictures from that night!

walker after hours 001
This was part of the exhibit but they only let you in one at a time. Needless to say, we didn't wait in that line...

walker after hours 002
Ice luge. Oh yeah.

walker after hours 004
Shawn getting his drink from the ice luge.

walker after hours 007
Hot chocolate bar. This is where I hung out. :)

photo booth pic
Shawn and I courtesy of the photo booth they had set up. We were boring and didn't pose all crazy.

white sweater black skirt

Outfit details:
White sweater - thrifted
Black pleated skirt - thrifted
Green shoes - Rewind Vintage
MN necklace - Etsy (forgot seller, old)
Tights - Forever 21
Plaid clutch - Bitten (Steve and Barry's)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Favorite Finds Friday and FBFF!

I got this shirt at the thrift store a couple of months ago. I still haven't worn it because it is a bit tight in the hips (I'm working on that!). I digress. I think this will look really cute with a high waisted skirt so get ready for it sometime soon!

Winter 2010 034_edited-1

yellow shirt close
Close up of the flower on the front. Cute right?

Now onto the questions!
1. What technology do you use in blogging? (computer, camera, videocamera, tripod, etc...) I use my laptop (Dell), tripod and my Olympus E-620 camera. In my first days of photography I had a Nikon d40. I had just bought an expensive new lens for it and then it was stolen. Sigh. When I finally went to get a new camera this fall, I had an idea of what I wanted. The Olympus was comparable to the d40 in features but it had some pluses that made me choose it over the nikon. 1) it had vibration reduction in the body. compare the camera you have (or want) to a camera with vibration reduction and you'll see what I mean. The nikon lenses have it in them but the bodies do not. This = more $. 2) it was much smaller and lighter 3) the lenses were also much smaller and lighter due to something about glass that I just nodded and smiled at :) 4) the olympus came with 2 lenses and the nikon only had one. I had just spent a ton of money on a really nice zoom lens with vibration reduction for my d40 and I knew I couldn't survive with just an 18-55 lens. So, for the same price, my Olympus came with an 18-55 and a zoom lens. Pretty sweet. It is a pain to switch back and forth but the option of having both is totally worth it. I hope this helps. Not saying I live and die by Olympus because I liked my d40 too. Just for the money it seemed like the better deal to me.

2. What computer and online technology do you use? (blogging system, photo storage, photo editing tools, etc..) I use blogger for my platform for right now. I've heard all about the wonders of wordpress but I'm still new so I'm going to stick with Blogger for right now until I learn some more. I upload all my images to flickr to post on my site. Dating an IT guy makes me also back everything up on an external hard drive as well. In terms of photo editing, I use Photoshop elements if I have some time to kill and Picnik if I'm in a hurry (which is a lot of the time). It is a really great tool and nice for me who hasn't mastered the same look in Elements yet.

3. What is your process for taking pictures? For right now I use my tripod and a remote. I just got the remote for Christmas and it is super slick. I just point it at the camera and wait. I put it on a 2 second delay so once I click it, I have time to readjust my hand how I want it.

4. When it comes to backdrops for your photos what do you consider? Do you scout locations or shoot the same spot daily? Right now I am considering warmth. The other day when I wanted to take outfit pictures it was about -15. Soooo, I am inside my condo for now. I have a ton of ideas in mind from driving around Minneapolis but it is too cold and snowy for me right now. I think once I have mastered tripod shooting or have some help taking pictures, I will venture out into the world more. I can't wait!
5. If you could splurge and get one new piece of equipment what would you be buying? Well that is tough! My tripod was actually handed down to me by my grandpa. It is still in great condition but it has some flaws. If I could, I would buy a really nice one that has easily adjustable legs and also has a ball mount for the top. I have always wanted a really nice macro lens too but one thing at a time!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Unintentional home tour

I was in a hurry and did not feel like trekking my camera around my building. So, you get an unintentional tour of my place! Well, I figured since I was standing in front of my bookshelf (by one of the 2 windows) I might as well explain some of the stuff that was on there too. I sit in my place thinking that all of you are super interested in my collections and what's on my shelves. Don't burst my bubble and scroll by the photos if you want. My feelings will only be a little hurt.

polka dot shirt green skirt3
Here is me in front of my messy bookshelf. Cool huh?

bookshelf ninjas
Part of my salt and pepper shaker collection. Ninjas. The white one is salt in case you got confused.

polka dot shirt green skirt2

polka dot shirt green skirt

Polka dot top - Charlotte Russe (old)
Green skirt - Thrifted
Ring - made by me

None of the full shots turned out so I was wearing brown tights with this and no shoes because I couldn't pick. I ended up wearing the same short grey boots as in this post.

bookshelf camera
My brownie. Isn't she cute?

Some of my treasures from when I studied abroad. I was backpacking in Europe so sadly all of my souvenirs are small and inexpensive. They still hold a lot of meaning though!

PS does someone want to come over and dust? I apparently forgot how...

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Goooo Gophers!

Had a great time at the Gopher basketball game with my beautiful cousin. Thanks for the tickets mom and dad!! I totally went to the University of Colorado in Boulder but I grew up loving the U of M basketball. If you live in MN, it is our one good basketball team... Don't judge my outfit based on this picture. Should have take one in the first quarter not the last. Um oh well. Unflattering angle+hat=great picture!

Gopher game

We beat Northwestern 81-70! Yay!
M I N N E S O T A, Minnesota, Minnesota, YEAHHHHH GOPHERS!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Colored tights and brenton stripes

Hi ho, Erin the thrifter here. Just a quick post before I run off too book club! If you are curious, we read An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin. I will let you know how the discussion went!

As I am one (I'm sure) of the last people posting, you probably know that this is a really fun challenge from Everybody, Everywear! We were all challenged to style brenton stripes in our outfits today. I had to look up what they were but when I found out, it was hard to narrow it down. I LOVE stripes. Most of my wardrobe is stripes or plaid. I need to branch out. PS I made this skirt from this tutorial over on Tania's blog. I love her tutorial and I love her style. She takes basic pieces but mixes them in really fun ways. I really want her bike shirt.

Confession: I originally bought this shirt at the thrift store because of Kendi and this post. I think I did alright in making it my own :)

striped shirt flower skirt

striped shirt floral skirt2

striped shirt floral skirt3

Cardigan - Old Navy
Sweater shirt - Banana Republic thrifted
Skirt - Made by yours truly (tonight)
Belt - Thrifted
Tights -Target
Boots - Target
Fish necklace - For Love 21 (yes MOA ;) has a Forever 21 accessories only store. I die.)

PS I tried to do my hair from this cute tutorial over on Carrie's page. My fine, slippery hair did ok for the first try. Thanks for the tutorial!

PPS about 10 minutes after these pictures, I got a huge snag in my tights :( I had to quick change (I picked grey) tights. Hey, We Love Colors, want to send me some new purple tights? K thanks.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday shmaterday

So, this outfit is from yesterday. I had a pretty good day. I stayed up late on Friday night cleaning out my closet (weird I know but I caught the bug). When I feel like cleaning/organizing, I need to do it right then or the mood will pass. Probably why when I swept under my couch on Saturday, the dust bunnies were big enough to put up a fight. Ace was was saying that his bones go under there and come back with a whole dust bunny family attached. However, dust bunnies are delicious so he wasn't complaining, just stating a fact. Yeah, I'm the weirdo that talks to and for my dog and imagines what he is saying...

Anywho. I picked up, cleaned and organized all my mail into files (gasp) so I could get ready for taxes. Being a homeowner and an adult is so boring. Then, I drove to boyfriend's house and we went to MOA. For all you non-MN people, that means Mall of America. If you want to be cool call it MOA or THE mall. Then you will not stick out as a tourist. You're welcome. I am so proud of myself that I did not buy one thing. S was in DSW getting shoes and I didn't buy any. What a thoughtful girlfriend and so selfless. I did go look and they didn't have any tan oxfords like I wanted so that goes to show how selfless I was. :)

Here is what I wore to MOA (see you're a natural Minnesotan because now you know what I mean) . PS I realized on the drive over here that I had incorrectly guessed this skirt was black. It is totally navy blue. I had a long freak out in my head about black and navy together, how I felt like a big bruise (black and blue) and how everyone would notice. While old Erin was freaking out, new Erin said whatever. Old Erin did almost try to grab the wheel and make S turn around so I could change. New Erin won and no one noticed. Or, they all silently judged me.

red shirt black skirt

black skirt red shirt2

blog outfits bw

Awkward moment of the day...
blog outfits 009
You think you are so awesome taking pictures in the hallway. Then, your dog hears your neighbor and takes off. You have to grab your tripod and camera and get him to stop trying to lick her face. Oh, nevermind me lady. I'm just in the hallway taking pictures of myself...

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Friday, January 21, 2011

Favorite Finds and FBFF Friday!

Is that enough F's for you? Well, F it because today is f packed. :)

First (haha) we have favorite finds Friday! If you forgot what that is (or weren't a reader yet which is probably the case), I'll tell you. I pick one or 2 of my favorite thrift/vintage finds and share them with you!

I can't really remember where I got this shirt but I love it to pieces. You can layer under it, put a cardigan over it or wear it alone. I love wearing it in the spring with a pair of jean cutoffs and my chucks. I'm sure you will see this styled soon!
Winter 2010 029_edited-1

Winter 2010 033_edited-1
Isn't this lace so cute!

Now for the FBFF questions!

1. Most readers and fellow fashion bloggers value authenticity in the blogs they read. How would you describe blog/blogger authenticity?
I would describe authenticity of the feeling of being herself/himself. I think that the public can tell when a blogger is honest and open, as well as when they are being less than honest. Even through writing and images, I get a feeling about the person and whether they are authentic or not.

2. When it comes to your blog how to you infuse it with that true/authentic feeling?
I just try to write in a way that I would speak to you if you were in front of me. I want people to get a sense of my personality through my images and writing. I am also thinking of putting in a weekly feature that shows what I actually wear to work. I struggle to wear things that are my style at work. 1 because I don't think they would always fly and 2 I just don't care enough to show my style at work.

3. Have you stopped following a blog in the last three months? What made you lose interest?
I haven't stopped following a particular blog but there are a couple I do follow less regularly. I feel like this person just posts pictures to "show off" all their expensive items and does it for the notoriety. They don't really say what they were doing or what the day consisted of when they wore the outfit and it makes it seem fake. I could put on all my fanciest clothes and take pictures but how does that ring true to everyone else? I wouldn't wear those things everyday and neither would most readers. I want to present my style as affordable as well as attainable. Plus, it would be dishonest to myself and my goal of developing my personal style.

4. We can't communicate effectively on our blogs, something we don't live in real life... what are some ways you try to live an authentic life?
Wow, that is a good question. I learned a long time ago (well, high school) that I don't have the ability to be fake. I am also a horrible liar. I came to realize that I don't like to be around people that make me feel used, unwelcome or fake. If I can't be myself with those people then I don't need to be around them. So, once I started college I vowed to avoid those people and avoid drama. You can't really avoid it at all times but if I saw a person who seemed to cause it a lot, I would try not to be around them. I also live an authentic life through my clothes. I don't spend a lot of money on clothes but I do have quite a few. I shop at the thrift store, vintage stores, Target, etc. and I love telling people that. I have a friend who always asks where I got clothes that she likes. She jokingly said she should stop asking because I always say the thrift store. It makes her mad because she knows she won't be able to get the same thing! I think if you show through your style that you are making smart choices and not buying extravagant things, people will see that as authentic.

5. Give a shout-out... Which bloggers do you think are truly genuine and why?
This is hard to narrow down. The first one that pops into my mind is Kendi. I think that her sense of humor shows through in her writing and I never feel she is pretending or fake. I think her idea of the 30 for 30 really shows that she thinks about her readers and is trying to give herself and them the challenge of using what they have. I also really like Jentine. I love how she finds all these great items at the thrift store and brags about how cheap they were. That is my kind of gal! She also lets everyone know that she is a landscaper by day and the clothes that we see are her everyday wardrobe when she gets home from work. I think that is pretty genuine. I like are Jen and Elizabeth for the same reason. They are both so honest in their feelings and what is going on in their lives. It makes you feel like you know them and you want to be apart of their lives. I feel like that isn't easy to do because you could come off whiny, boastful, etc.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fort Lauderdale

Hi all! I was absent the past couple of days due to a work trip to Ft. Lauderdale (it was rough, trust me). I thought I would share a couple of my favorite pictures. :) P.S. This is going to be totally picture heavy...



me beach
The only outfit picture you'll get. I had to throw on the jeans because it was way colder than I anticipated. Plus, I felt weird asking my coworkers to take my picture...

palm trees


pina colada
What more do you need than a pina colada and blue sky?

grass and bird

nipple mugs
Um... I have no idea who would buy this.

sunset collage
Got up early to take pictures of the sunrise. This is my little collage to show the progression.


The end.

Check out Alyson!

I'm sure most of you have read Alyson Is Neat but if you haven't, go check her out. Right now. Well, after you read the rest of this post.

My favorite things about her blog are many but I will give you a few. I love how brave she was to stop shopping for a whole year. A YEAR PEOPLE. Do you get how long that is? I also love how her style feels attainable. She doesn't wear outrageous things but she uses "normal" items to make a great outfit that I wouldn't have thought of. I look at her style and see outfits that inspire me to use stuff I already have in my closet and not go out and buy the newest and shiniest things.

So this isn't just a selfless plug for you to check out another blogger. I am entering to win a giveaway on her website. Go check it out and enter for yourself! If you win, I want to borrow the dress and tell me how wonderful I am. Just sayin'.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Venturing out

I actually left my place and went around the (inside) of my building to bring you these new and exciting photos.

This is my stairwell. Enjoy.
chambray shirt black pants

chambray shirt standing

chambray shirt sitting

This is the basement by the bike rack. Enjoy.
chambray shirt bikes

One of my favorite necklaces
necklace close up

chambray close up

Look I even did a shoot outdoors in the beautiful -10 degree F weather.
outdoor shoot

Outfit details:
Chambray shirt - Gap via Buffalo Exchange
Black cords - Old Navy (old)
Chucks - don't remember... Pac Sun maybe
Minnesota necklace - Etsy a long time ago
Scarf - Mossimo via Buffalo Exchange

Your awkward pose of the day courtesy of me not knowing what to do... Look, I'm touching the bike which is super chic and suave.
akward by bikes