Saturday, January 8, 2011

I love you Grandma

This post may not be interesting to anyone else but I just had to put it up. My grandma is such an interesting and beautiful person. She was really poor growing up and I think that really affected her outlook and the way she dressed. Her mother passed away when she was young so her older sister helped to raise her. Then, she went to nursing school and married a doctor and the rest is history.

As I said in my FBFF questions, my grandma is a bargain hunter. She used to buy us presents for birthdays, Christmas, etc. at Dayton's every year. For those of you who don't know what Dayton's is, it is like a big department store here that is a step up from JC Penny's but not quite as ritzy as say Saks 5th Ave. It became Marshall Fields and is now Macy's (which makes me sad). Anywho, my grandma used to go to Dayton's like 5-7 times a week. She was always finding these fabulous deals and wanted everyone to know it. When she would give us the presents, she would leave the tags on with all of the clearance/markdown/sale stickers all over them. She would brag that something was marked down from 100 to only 5 bucks or whatever. When I was younger, I would just roll my eyes and say something along the lines of "That's rad grandma." (I grew up in the 80's people and rad is totally coming back.)

Now, I'm the exact same way. I don't leave tags on but whenever people ask me where I got something I get so excited when I can say the thrift store or Target etc. Plus, I always have to add something like "It was only 3 bucks." It's called price bragging disorder and it is no laughing matter people.

Recently, I was so fortunate to work on a special project for her. When we went to visit her in ND, she had all these old albums and photos just sitting in a cardboard box. I love pictures, especially old ones, so I proposed something to her. I will take all your old albums and scan all the pictures in to the computer so they will be safe. Then, I will take all the pictures and make one album out of them and give it back to you. She liked the idea so the huge box of photos came home with me. I didn't realize how daunting the task was. I took apart all of her old pictures (some photos were even taped in) and put them in piles. I then scanned each and every picture onto my computer. I got about 2/3 of the way through and then my grandpa passed away. My parents were in a hurry and they just threw all of my piles back into the box and left for ND. So, all of my work of scanning and putting them into piles was wrecked. I did manage to scan about 250 though.

She is a very stylish lady even now but I thought I would share some of my favorite outfits of hers and I might use them for inspiration later. I love you grandma and this is for you. (PS. This is going to be a bit picture heavy) :)

This is her in high school.
d on fence

This is her prom dress! I want a dress like this for myself.
prom dress

This is my favorite
white dress

I love how she is fishing in a sweater and shorts. She really loved to fish. And shop.

All dressed up. I love this hat!
black dress

So simple with just tweed pants and a sweater but looks great. This is one I'm going to try and steal.
striped sweater with dog

Another where it is such a simple outfit but she pulls it off beautifully!
dorothy dog

A night out on the town when they were engaged. I just love how great them men look and the women in their hats.
dinner table

Her and my uncle Mike.

I wish she had saved this dress! PS, that's my dad in her lap :)
family of four

Had to throw in one of my grandpa. How great do he and my uncle look!
grandpa and mike

Lastly, their wedding picture. Aww.
wedding eating cake

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