Sunday, January 23, 2011

Saturday shmaterday

So, this outfit is from yesterday. I had a pretty good day. I stayed up late on Friday night cleaning out my closet (weird I know but I caught the bug). When I feel like cleaning/organizing, I need to do it right then or the mood will pass. Probably why when I swept under my couch on Saturday, the dust bunnies were big enough to put up a fight. Ace was was saying that his bones go under there and come back with a whole dust bunny family attached. However, dust bunnies are delicious so he wasn't complaining, just stating a fact. Yeah, I'm the weirdo that talks to and for my dog and imagines what he is saying...

Anywho. I picked up, cleaned and organized all my mail into files (gasp) so I could get ready for taxes. Being a homeowner and an adult is so boring. Then, I drove to boyfriend's house and we went to MOA. For all you non-MN people, that means Mall of America. If you want to be cool call it MOA or THE mall. Then you will not stick out as a tourist. You're welcome. I am so proud of myself that I did not buy one thing. S was in DSW getting shoes and I didn't buy any. What a thoughtful girlfriend and so selfless. I did go look and they didn't have any tan oxfords like I wanted so that goes to show how selfless I was. :)

Here is what I wore to MOA (see you're a natural Minnesotan because now you know what I mean) . PS I realized on the drive over here that I had incorrectly guessed this skirt was black. It is totally navy blue. I had a long freak out in my head about black and navy together, how I felt like a big bruise (black and blue) and how everyone would notice. While old Erin was freaking out, new Erin said whatever. Old Erin did almost try to grab the wheel and make S turn around so I could change. New Erin won and no one noticed. Or, they all silently judged me.

red shirt black skirt

black skirt red shirt2

blog outfits bw

Awkward moment of the day...
blog outfits 009
You think you are so awesome taking pictures in the hallway. Then, your dog hears your neighbor and takes off. You have to grab your tripod and camera and get him to stop trying to lick her face. Oh, nevermind me lady. I'm just in the hallway taking pictures of myself...

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