Monday, January 31, 2011

Skating on Thin Ice

I wanted to come up with something cool and clever for the title of this post but this is all you get. So, my anniversary was today and yesterday Shawn took me on a surprise date. All I knew was that I could wear jeans and should probably wear a sweater and a coat. Hmm.

Here is what I wore...
70s sweater

70s sweater close

70s sweater window

Vintage sweater - Rewind Vintage (love this place)
Tshirt - H&M
Jeans - old don't remember

So, where did we go you ask?

Skating! There is this really cool place called The Depot that used to be a train station. I am a terrible skater but with a lot of instruction and hand holding from sweetie, I got a bit better. He thinks I need to have my balance tested. He's probably right. I would have fallen about a bajillion times if it weren't for the boards and him holding my hand.

skating shawn me
Aren't we cute!

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