Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Colored tights and brenton stripes

Hi ho, Erin the thrifter here. Just a quick post before I run off too book club! If you are curious, we read An Object of Beauty by Steve Martin. I will let you know how the discussion went!

As I am one (I'm sure) of the last people posting, you probably know that this is a really fun challenge from Everybody, Everywear! We were all challenged to style brenton stripes in our outfits today. I had to look up what they were but when I found out, it was hard to narrow it down. I LOVE stripes. Most of my wardrobe is stripes or plaid. I need to branch out. PS I made this skirt from this tutorial over on Tania's blog. I love her tutorial and I love her style. She takes basic pieces but mixes them in really fun ways. I really want her bike shirt.

Confession: I originally bought this shirt at the thrift store because of Kendi and this post. I think I did alright in making it my own :)

striped shirt flower skirt

striped shirt floral skirt2

striped shirt floral skirt3

Cardigan - Old Navy
Sweater shirt - Banana Republic thrifted
Skirt - Made by yours truly (tonight)
Belt - Thrifted
Tights -Target
Boots - Target
Fish necklace - For Love 21 (yes MOA ;) has a Forever 21 accessories only store. I die.)

PS I tried to do my hair from this cute tutorial over on Carrie's page. My fine, slippery hair did ok for the first try. Thanks for the tutorial!

PPS about 10 minutes after these pictures, I got a huge snag in my tights :( I had to quick change (I picked grey) tights. Hey, We Love Colors, want to send me some new purple tights? K thanks.

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