Friday, January 7, 2011

Favorite Finds Friday

Welcome to the first ever Favorite Finds Friday!

This is a feature that I'm trying out to see whether it fits like a 50's cocktail dress or an itchy holiday sweater your grandma bought you 3 years ago. (it took about 5 minutes to come up with this brilliant analogy). I am going to feature pieces that I thrifted or got from a vintage store that are my own personal gems.

The first is my all time favorite find. I wasn't looking for anything in particular the day I found this which can either equal lots of cool stuff or being too overwhelmed to even want to shop. I was in a store called Tatters on Hennepin which has some really great stuff and some not so great. I pulled about 10 dresses and none of them fit...until this one. It was like a choir started singing and the heavens shone a light from above. It fit perfectly, was in my favorite color and was from my favorite decade. I will show it styled one of these days so you can see it on but here it is in all its glory.
Winter 2010 025_edited-1

Close up of the front to show the gorgeous pattern.
Winter 2010 026_edited-1

This is the back with the cute little button detail :)
Winter 2010 027_edited-1

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