Thursday, January 27, 2011

Unintentional home tour

I was in a hurry and did not feel like trekking my camera around my building. So, you get an unintentional tour of my place! Well, I figured since I was standing in front of my bookshelf (by one of the 2 windows) I might as well explain some of the stuff that was on there too. I sit in my place thinking that all of you are super interested in my collections and what's on my shelves. Don't burst my bubble and scroll by the photos if you want. My feelings will only be a little hurt.

polka dot shirt green skirt3
Here is me in front of my messy bookshelf. Cool huh?

bookshelf ninjas
Part of my salt and pepper shaker collection. Ninjas. The white one is salt in case you got confused.

polka dot shirt green skirt2

polka dot shirt green skirt

Polka dot top - Charlotte Russe (old)
Green skirt - Thrifted
Ring - made by me

None of the full shots turned out so I was wearing brown tights with this and no shoes because I couldn't pick. I ended up wearing the same short grey boots as in this post.

bookshelf camera
My brownie. Isn't she cute?

Some of my treasures from when I studied abroad. I was backpacking in Europe so sadly all of my souvenirs are small and inexpensive. They still hold a lot of meaning though!

PS does someone want to come over and dust? I apparently forgot how...

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