Monday, May 30, 2011

Austin Part 2

Just some more pictures of my trip to Austin. On Friday, Jen's maid of honor had us all over for a bridal brunch complete with pigs in a blanket and mimosas. After the night before, it was nice to have a little hair of the dog ;) I mostly stuck to good 'ol H2O. After that, we all went to get our nails done. Then, we ran a bunch of errands and they went off to the rehearsal and I napped :) The rehearsal dinner was at this nice place called The Iron Cactus and their margaritas were soo tasty.

The next day, the bridal party was off to get their hair done. I wanted to explore Austin a bit so they dropped me off on the edge of South Congress and I got to exploring! This area of town is probably touristy but I thought all of the buildings were so COOL looking. I tried to convey it in my pictures so maybe you can see what I mean.

jens weddingrehersaldinner
The gang at the rehearsal dinner

jens weddinglake

i love you

jens weddingaustin

jens weddingcactus
We don't have these in MN...

jens weddingmotel

jens weddingcandyshop
Cool candy store/soda fountain

jens weddingsnackbar

Sorry for all the pictures but that's what I do when I wander alone!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Bath Time

Not for me, for Ace. Pervs. This is right up the street from my favorite and Ace's least favorite place, Ollu. It is this really cool self-service dog wash and grooming shop on Main street. Ace HATES baths and so I think it's well worth my money to take him there since getting him in to the tub at home is a nightmare. 64 pounds of unhappy, freaked out dog does not equal an enjoyable experience.




Outfit Details:
Shirt - H&M (I'm sure you're sick of it by now!)
Skirt, belt- thrifted
Shoes - Target (new!!)
Necklace - Patina
Sunnies - For Love 21

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Austin Part 1

Hey ya'll! Like how I said ya'll just like a real Texan? Well this MN girl got some Texas flavor this past weekend at my friend's wedding in Austin. These are a couple pictures from the first night. We went to this awesome BBQ place called the Salt Lick. OHMYGOD was that place delish! Best brisket I've ever had. Thursday I also got to meet up with the lovely Amanda who took me to a delicious Tex Mex place. She even came and picked me up from my hotel. How sweet is she? But holy moly is Texas HOT. Jeez. It was only May and it was like 80 something and humid.

Here are just a couple pictures from our trip to the holy land of BBQ :) We also went to 6th street afterwards but there are no sharable pictures from that...

jens weddingsaltlick

jens weddingsaltlickbbq

jens weddingsaltlickfood
Bring this to me right now! Oh so good.

jens weddingsaltlick2

jens weddingsaltlickgirls
The bride to be is in the middle and the other lovely lady is my bestie Sheena

Outfit Details:
Dress - Buffalo Exchange
Cardigan - Old Navy
Necklace - self made (charm from Etsy)
New shoes - Target

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Sun and Rain

This is an outfit I threw together after work. I am going to be honest with you now. I didn't wear this after I took the pictures. I forgot that this skirt is still a bit tight (working on that) and I didn't feel confident. However, after I looked at the pictures, I realized it was pretty cute. I will most likely try this again soon. Ace and I took these pictures in our "backyard" hence him hanging around in a couple shots. That little jerk loves to wander away...




Outfit Details:
Cardigan - Boutique in Baltimore
Skirt - Thrifted
Shoes - Old (can't remember!)

Monday, May 16, 2011

Party Like it's 1991

Sorry for the lack of posts, beautiful readers. I had a couple of posts half done before I left and then I got too busy and forgot. It's pretty easy for me. These are the pictures from my birthday party. It's supposed to be like a party you would have had when you were 8. So, we went cosmic bowling and I wore my best 90's dress.


Laura and me

My cousin Sarah was Blossom :)


I have lots more posts and pictures from my trip to Austin so stay tuned!!

Sunday Funday

I haven't gotten around to editing my pictures from my birthday party yet so you get my day on Sunday first. I went over to the Vintage Pop up sale with Two Birds and Salvaged Strawberry. I had so much fun! I went just to shop but ending up hanging out with the three lovely ladies and laughed so hard. Plus, they are multi talented. For example, Nora forges metal and makes it into bird flower holders. Really great! haha I found 2 really cute things that need a bit of tweaking before I can wear them but I'm really excited! Plus, they have GREAT stuff and really reasonable prices. I will for sure let you all know when the next one is coming up!

I have to admit that I took these pictures last week and have been hoarding them. I thought I was going to wear this on my birthday because I love it but it was HOT and EBEW was not striped vintage dress day. So, I wore this to the sale with a different belt and different shoes but pretty much the same :)

I went down to the river to take these. This is the courtyard of this really cool building called Riverplace. When I was little, there were tons of stores and food places in there. I'm hoping it will make a comeback soon because I only live a couple of block away!
Ignore Ace's tail in this one...



Outfit details:
Dress, belt - thrifted
Sunglasses - For Love 21
Shoes - UO
Earrings - Patina (I think)

Have a great week! PS, I'm going to Austin on Thursday morning and I was going to have guest bloggers but I forgot. So... I'm going to try to schedule some posts in advance so my little blog won't be lonely while I'm gone.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Floral Arrangement

It's that time again... Everybody Everywear! This time the fates collided and the majority picked floral. Lucky for me I just picked up this dress at Target a couple weeks ago and it was finally nice enough to wear it. I also stopped in to I Like You today and picked up the adorable necklace you see below. It says 612. Isn't that just the cutest? I like that it's representing Minneapolis without being obvious.

Like I said, we went out to dinner at this cute fish and chips place. It was really good! The burger was really thick so I was only able to finish half but it was yummy. Plus, they had Strongbow which makes any place good in my book :) Plus, our waitress gave us temporary tattoos which is why you see a big anchor on my arm. Even though I think it looks pretty bad ass, it will wash off if um I mean when I take a shower.


Then we headed over to Jax to get some dessert and who knew they had this AWESOME patio? Not me! It was so cool! Luckily, we sat under the awning because about 10 minutes into my chocolate baileys cake, the tornado sirens started going off and it poured. Some places were even getting EGG sized hail. Can you believe that? Our weather is flippin crazy this year!



Without further ado, here is my outfit... nothing too exciting but it was 81 here and that is a big difference from last week when it was 52. So... I need to figure out warm weather wear again.





(sorry this one is so blurry! The sun was setting but I had to get a picture on the patio!)

Outfit Details:
Dress, purse- Target
Belt, shoes - Thrifted
Necklace - Falling Forward via I Like You

Check out how all the other bloggers styled their florals over at Everybody, Everywear!

Florals | Everybody, Everywear

28 Will be Great

You wouldn't believe it by looking at me but I am 28 today. Tonight I'm going out with my parents and Shawn to this cute little fish and chips place. They have PASTIES! If you don't know what one is, you will thank me when you do. My grandma's dad was from Cornwall and she used to make them for us. I can't wait! Then, Saturday we are going to party like it's 1991 and go cosmic bowling (more on that this weekend!).

I found a photo album in my place so I thought I would share some pictures from my early years with you.

birthday collage2
Baby Erin, first birthday and 4th birthday (My little ponies rock!)
That shirt says rainbows are my favorite color (I hope my mom saved this!)
birthday collage4
Baking with my bro, down by the lake, dance recital :)
birthday collage3
Fashionista from the start, kindergarten graduation, always "cool", love of baking starts early
birthday collage1
7th birthday, golden birthday (10), my sister wanted in on that action :)

birthday collage5
Kenibunkport, ah the awkward phase, high school, lacrosse stud

This birthday seems a bit harder than others. Usually I tell everyone I know that my birthday is coming up and I make a huge deal out of it. This year, I feel a little sad and behind sort of. I have a lot of friends getting married and I feel like I'm behind in that part of my life. When I do feel that way though, I look at all I have done. I've traveled a lot of places, lived abroad, I own a condo and a dog, I'm a doctor for God's sake. So, even though I'm behind in the marriage and family portion of the show, at least I have other things to show for my 28 years. PS if you can't tell from all these pictures my hair is not naturally red :)

Here's to many more birthdays!!

Monday, May 9, 2011

Gorgeous Day (finally)

5.7.11purple flowers


Mighty Mississippi

Cool tree grate

Saturday was a gorgeous day! We finally had 2 nice days in a row here. Ace and I went for a nice walk down to the river so I these are a couple pictures from that and what I wore to hawk my wares at the Cheap Chotchke sale. It was fun and I even picked up a couple items for myself (of course). I was eying a couple other items but I was waiting until the end to buy. Others snatched them up so I guess it wasn't meant to be :( But, I sold some prints and a couple necklaces so it turned out to be a good day! This pink skirt is one of my finds from the epic goodwill trip. I hemmed it the other day and it was nice and comfy for a long day of "work" :)




Outfit Details:
Skirt, cardigan, belt - thrifted
Shirt - H&M
Necklace, earrings - apparently didn't think to wear any. Accessories are my downfall!!

Friday, May 6, 2011

Cheap Chotchke

For all you locals out there my friend is having a sale today, tomorrow and Sunday. She sells really neat repurposed and refurbished stuff. You can check out the website here. I will be there tomorrow selling my prints and jewelry. Come if you can!

Here is a preview of some of her stuff. You can see my stuff on my Etsy page.



Have a great weekend!