Monday, May 30, 2011

Austin Part 2

Just some more pictures of my trip to Austin. On Friday, Jen's maid of honor had us all over for a bridal brunch complete with pigs in a blanket and mimosas. After the night before, it was nice to have a little hair of the dog ;) I mostly stuck to good 'ol H2O. After that, we all went to get our nails done. Then, we ran a bunch of errands and they went off to the rehearsal and I napped :) The rehearsal dinner was at this nice place called The Iron Cactus and their margaritas were soo tasty.

The next day, the bridal party was off to get their hair done. I wanted to explore Austin a bit so they dropped me off on the edge of South Congress and I got to exploring! This area of town is probably touristy but I thought all of the buildings were so COOL looking. I tried to convey it in my pictures so maybe you can see what I mean.

jens weddingrehersaldinner
The gang at the rehearsal dinner

jens weddinglake

i love you

jens weddingaustin

jens weddingcactus
We don't have these in MN...

jens weddingmotel

jens weddingcandyshop
Cool candy store/soda fountain

jens weddingsnackbar

Sorry for all the pictures but that's what I do when I wander alone!


  1. These are great photos. I'd love to get to visit Austin!

  2. i love these photos! you should have thrifted in Austin...i hear it's great shopping!! ps, did you hit any good sales this weekend? nora and i might be heading to some garage sales this coming weekend if you're interested.

  3. I want to go to there.

    What does it say about me that the theater sign above the marquee made me giggle?

  4. We didn't get a lot of time but I saw thrift stores everywhere! Amanda from Upside of Wonder said they are getting really expensive though. The vintage stores I went in were crazy expensive so I will stick to you guys :)

    I would LOVE to come to garage sales, let me know!

  5. According To AnnikaJune 3, 2011 at 2:23 PM

    How can you say sorry for posting these amazing photos?! They're spectacular, you're such a great photographer! Plus, quite the gorgeous girl, too. :)

    Much love, Annika

  6. Such lovely photographs. I really really want to visit Austin. I heard the food is wonderful and there are some amazing people there as well! xx