Monday, May 16, 2011

Sunday Funday

I haven't gotten around to editing my pictures from my birthday party yet so you get my day on Sunday first. I went over to the Vintage Pop up sale with Two Birds and Salvaged Strawberry. I had so much fun! I went just to shop but ending up hanging out with the three lovely ladies and laughed so hard. Plus, they are multi talented. For example, Nora forges metal and makes it into bird flower holders. Really great! haha I found 2 really cute things that need a bit of tweaking before I can wear them but I'm really excited! Plus, they have GREAT stuff and really reasonable prices. I will for sure let you all know when the next one is coming up!

I have to admit that I took these pictures last week and have been hoarding them. I thought I was going to wear this on my birthday because I love it but it was HOT and EBEW was not striped vintage dress day. So, I wore this to the sale with a different belt and different shoes but pretty much the same :)

I went down to the river to take these. This is the courtyard of this really cool building called Riverplace. When I was little, there were tons of stores and food places in there. I'm hoping it will make a comeback soon because I only live a couple of block away!
Ignore Ace's tail in this one...



Outfit details:
Dress, belt - thrifted
Sunglasses - For Love 21
Shoes - UO
Earrings - Patina (I think)

Have a great week! PS, I'm going to Austin on Thursday morning and I was going to have guest bloggers but I forgot. So... I'm going to try to schedule some posts in advance so my little blog won't be lonely while I'm gone.


  1.  still love that dress! i still laugh about that nora story...seriously "i made that!" i wish i had your phone # cause i was at target on cedar and 77 yesterday and the clearance racks were teaming with cute summery dresses...maxis that would be perfect for an austin wedding! you would have gotten text after maybe it's best for you! =) have dun in austin!!!

  2. Adorable vintage dress!  Ugh...I hate that I didn't make it out to Two Birds sale.  Not enough hours in the day, I tell ya... 

  3.  it's seriously not even funny how talented i am. it was fun hanging out!

  4. i looked at pictures from the sale on the two bird's blog, and it looked like so much fun! 

  5.  Just found your blog via the two birds MN list - so happy to "meet" you!:)

  6. It totally was! Too bad you aren't heading up to MN on your voyage to the midwest!

  7. Happy to meet you too! Thanks for saying hi :)

  8. I think you should add metalurgy to your resume ;)

  9. I would have loved texts! I never get any. We should have a garage sale date soon :)