Monday, May 2, 2011

Inspiration Monday

I always feel the need to say hi in the first line of this blog... like we are actually talking in person. Hmm it's a weird compulsion.

So, here I am again with another Inspiration Monday post brought to you by the lovely ladies over at Two Birds. Go check out how everyone else was inspired here. I do NOT look great in high waisted jeans so I wore my favorite trouser jeans instead. Plus, I had a great tank and navy blue cardigan. I'm Katie Holmes, ya'll! (PS I never say ya'll, I don't know what it came to me...)

Here's the inspiration picture.

and here is my take!

Outfit Details:
Cardigan -Old Navy
Tank top - Target
Jeans - Thrifted (Limited)
Shoes - Banana Republic (outlet I think like 7 years ago)

Look ma, heels!

The last 2 are kind of blurry, sorry! I just get nervous thinking my neighbors are going to come out and bump my tripod or be like, "What the..."

Happy Monday!


  1. I adore that photo of Katie and her high waisted pants! I've tried to emulate it too...think you did a pretty fab job ladeeey! :) xoxo

  2. isn't it funny the things we say while blogging?? i like your version...especially the shoes!

  3. Dear Babes in Thriftland,
    I recently started a new project,http://, where people post pictures of their latest thrifted treasures, like an internet show and tell, object adventure type thing!

    Please consider submitting a photo of your newest treasures!!! And I'll link your blogggggy.


  4. love it! these jeans look super hot on you! and those shoes are pretty fantastic!

  5. Thanks! I don't think I have worn them before today and I've had them forever. Thanks to blogging I felt I should!

  6. Thanks! I never really look at the pants section in the thrift store but these caught my eye. Plus the fit is great!

  7. I know, why do I always want to write hi? I have to make myself NOT do it. haha

  8. Your blog is so cute! Do you want to join my blogger book club?!

  9. Those shoes are great - love how Katie's shoe choice was so ambiguous it left the shoe choice up to us!
    Lori xo

  10. your take at Katie is exactly the style i like. your shoes look great.