Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Floral Arrangement

It's that time again... Everybody Everywear! This time the fates collided and the majority picked floral. Lucky for me I just picked up this dress at Target a couple weeks ago and it was finally nice enough to wear it. I also stopped in to I Like You today and picked up the adorable necklace you see below. It says 612. Isn't that just the cutest? I like that it's representing Minneapolis without being obvious.

Like I said, we went out to dinner at this cute fish and chips place. It was really good! The burger was really thick so I was only able to finish half but it was yummy. Plus, they had Strongbow which makes any place good in my book :) Plus, our waitress gave us temporary tattoos which is why you see a big anchor on my arm. Even though I think it looks pretty bad ass, it will wash off if um I mean when I take a shower.


Then we headed over to Jax to get some dessert and who knew they had this AWESOME patio? Not me! It was so cool! Luckily, we sat under the awning because about 10 minutes into my chocolate baileys cake, the tornado sirens started going off and it poured. Some places were even getting EGG sized hail. Can you believe that? Our weather is flippin crazy this year!



Without further ado, here is my outfit... nothing too exciting but it was 81 here and that is a big difference from last week when it was 52. So... I need to figure out warm weather wear again.





(sorry this one is so blurry! The sun was setting but I had to get a picture on the patio!)

Outfit Details:
Dress, purse- Target
Belt, shoes - Thrifted
Necklace - Falling Forward via I Like You

Check out how all the other bloggers styled their florals over at Everybody, Everywear!

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  1. I Like You is the BEST little boutique! I don't get over there often enough. Love the necklace...I'm soooooo 651. :)

  2. The Anchor has awesome food. I should go there more often.

  3. i so want that 612! i'm 612 born and raised! you look so cute! i love this skirt (and the tattoo is pretty bad ass!)

  4. Yay! Another MN blogger.

    This outfit is right up my alley. It's actually quite similar to my EBEW post (minus my cardigan). I'm addictd to high-waisted skirts with belts and form-fitting tops.

    I didn't know about the patio at Jax either. Where have I been?

  5.  Not even tornado sirens and hail could get between me and Bailey's chocolate cake. Good times. I love how your paired the pretty floral with brown accessories. 

  6. Me either, it was awesome. I can mail you a piece if you want :) 

  7. I know I love it! If you go to I like you, call me and I'll come meet you! 

  8. You should! It was so good. I want to go back again today. :) 

  9. They might have 651, I totally didn't even look. 612 is way better... :) 

  10. You should go to target and get the dress! 

  11. 1.) I love the Anchor Bar. I got their fish and chips and I thought: "I'll never be able to finish ALL of this" and I licked my basket clean. Seriously. Such good food. And, yes, Strongbow! I am allergic to beer but can drink ciderso I am always super excited when bars have cider. Crispin is my new favorite (and it's local!).
    2) Love the 612 necklace and I want one. My heart belongs to south Minnie.
    3) Your post that mentioned Nora being a metal worker. Hilarious. Thanks for stopping in. It was so nice to have you there! Is this comment long enough?

  12. let's go on an Anchor date. The burger was huge but soo good. I LOVE strongbow. Makes me think of living in Scotland and that makes me happy. Allergic to beer? Crazy!
    Not too long of a comment :) You guys are hilarious and I'm glad you let me be all awkward with you.  

  13. That floral dress is so cute! The belt and the necklace are also very flattering.

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