Monday, May 2, 2011

A Mighty Swell Saturday

Hi all! Well, it was a busy but fun weekend here. Also, it was freezing!! I think Sunday it was like 36 or something ridiculous. I'll tell you more about Sunday in a different post. Too many pictures for just one!

First of all, I ran my first 5K. I'm pretty proud of myself. For some reason, I didn't take any pictures of myself but I did it!! It was raining and cold and I hadn't really trained as much as I wanted to. Plus, my parents were going to run with me but they waited until the last minute and it was full. My mom paid to run in the 2K and just ran with me anyway. So, I guess it worked out. :) I finished in 40 minutes which is not fast AT ALL but I was happy that I finished.

We decided to go out to breakfast afterward but didn't want to eat near the race and deal with all the crowds. We drove through a part of town we don't normally go to and stumbled on this place called the Colossal Cafe. It was super tiny but DELICIOUS. I had a biscuit with egg and cheese on it. You could tell that the biscuit was made from scratch and it was so good. My mom had what they call flappers which were pancakes made with yeast. Interesting but good. Kind of tasted like bread. They had really good looking cinnamon rolls and scones so I will for sure get one of those next time. We also found out that it had been featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives. How cool!

Then, I showered and headed over to A Mighty Swell vintage sale. It was so cool! I briefly saw Jill but she was checking out when I got there so we will just have to hang out another time. Plus, I met my first ever reader! It was so cool. She said I looked familiar and then told me she reads my blog. :) Best ever! So, hi!! It was really crowded in there which is good for them but bad for someone like me who gets overwhelmed. I did find one cute skirt so watch for that soon. Plus, the girls were so cool and let me take pictures and even complimented my outfit (pics in another post) :) Here are some pics from the sale. I'm sure there will be another one soon and I will for sure keep you all in the loop when I hear. (they aren't the best pictures I've taken but you get the idea of how neat it was)






Then, I headed over to Crafstravaganza which was super fun. They had it over at the State Fairgrounds which was neat to be at without the fair going on. I didn't get any picture while I was there but I did take a picture of the stuff I got! It was a really neat craft show because there was a lot more "art" there like screen printing, garden art etc than you see at most shows. Definitely a nice mix. I got an Adam Turman print which is super cool (see below). He is a great local artist and I think his stuff is super cool. I got a couple of his postcards too of prints I liked but wasn't ready to buy just yet. I think that's a cool idea and a great way to get more of your art out there. He does lots of neat MN prints so check it out! I also got a print from Nate Nolting whose work I had never seen before but he had penguins in there so I was sold. Plus, he included some super cool stickers and I love it when sellers give you a little bonus :)

Adam Turman


Nate Nolting


  1. i love all of those prints you bought! my parents own a bunch of turman's stuff, but i have never seen that cool one you got! and yes, the penguins are preety cute!! sounds like a great weekend!

  2. Looks like a great weekend!! Congrats on the run!!

  3. I like that state fair print. I almost bought it myself, but it doesn't match any of our rooms well.

  4. It was very nice to meet you in person. You didnot look like you had just spent your morning running a 5K! And you look as cute "real" as you do in your pictures which I wanted to tell you but I felt it may have sound a bit stalkery.

    Those prints are awesome. Now I am a little bummed I didn't make to the craft thing on the fair ground.

  5. That wouldn't have been stalkerish! Thanks for the compliment :) I know for sure you can buy Adam Turman's prints at I Like You. Plus, I think he has an Etsy page too. Click on the link up there and it takes you to his website. I'm sure some of there will be at Art-a-whirl and other shows this summer too!

  6. It doesn't match anything in my house either but I walked away and still wanted it, so I just bought it!

  7. Thanks! It was hard but I'm glad I did it!

  8. It was really fun! I think he sells on Etsy and I know he has stuff at I Like You because I sell there and live practically next door :)

  9. He does have a couple of prints on his website that I really like (pegacorn!). Hopefully I can pick up one at art-a-whirl (I live right in the middle of art-a-whirl!). I keep telling myself that i should check I like you. Now you gave me extra motivation :).

  10. I am so glad you made it to Mighty Swell! You took some rad photos! Looking forawrd to your post on what goodies you scored!