Thursday, June 2, 2011

Blogger Book Club

Totally forgot to recap the book for the month!

So, we (or I since no one else said anything) read The Forgotten Garden. We had a really great time in our discussion for book club so let me pose a couple questions if anyone else read it!

1.On the night of Nell’s twenty-first birthday, her father Hugh tells her a secret that shatters her sense of self. How important is a strong sense of identity to a person’s life? Was Hugh right to tell her about her past? How might Nell’s life have turned out differently had she not discovered the truth?

2. Did Hugh and Lil make the right decision when they kept Nell?

3. How might Nell’s choice of occupation have been related to her fractured identity?

4. Is The Forgotten Garden a love story? If so, in what way/s?

5. In what ways do Eliza’s fairy tales underline and develop other themes within the novel?

*UPDATE! The next book will be "The Sugar Queen" by Sarah Addison Allen.


  1. what's the next book? maybe i will have time to read it (or have read it already!)

  2. Are you in a book club and then giving your online friends a chance to read the same book or is this just going to be an online book club?  I keep thinking I want to start a local book club but it's still at the only thinking about it stage.  I am going to find a copy of this book and start it and see what I think.  Debbie

  3. It is a book club that my friends and I are in and I wanted to share it with online people! I wouldn't mind if it became separate from the one in real life because I would love to have more than one book a month to read!