Friday, June 10, 2011

Last weekend

Man, I stink at blogging lately. Last weekend was really fun and was pretty packed. So, get ready for lots of pictures! Friday was Shawn's birthday so we went out to dinner at Jax. Thankfully it had cooled down because it was so hot and humid that day. We sat outside on their gorgeous patio and had our picture taken in 5 different places by these 2 ladies. It was so funny. They kept saying, "Now stand over here. Now how about a picture right here?" So cute.

They personalize matches for you. How cool is that?

Shirt, skirt - thrifted; shoes - target


Saturday I went to brunch with some friends, then to a craft show/art sale and then out for drinks and cheese curds with Annie. I've always loved her blog and was happy to meet up with her here in Minneapolis. It was really nice chatting with her! It's great to meet someone who is intelligent but also likes blogging too :) I have met about 5 or 6 bloggers so far and I haven't gotten a picture with any of them. Terrible!

Apparently this is the only picture I took, the cute bookstore in St. Anthony Park

Sunday we went up to a party for Shawn at his parent's house. Extra nice because his aunt and uncle were visiting from CO and his sister and her husband came too. He has the nicest family and I feel so lucky that he has such a great family. Makes get-togethers something to look forward to and not dread like some people do. When we got home we took the monster on a hike around Minnehaha Falls. It is right over in south Minneapolis but you would think you were in the country. The river was so high that the falls were just out of control. Ace got to wear his new backpack and finally carried his own stuff. Plus, he loved going in the river!

Crazy rapids

Almost up to the bridge!

The baby.


minnehaha falls
Love this one




After hiking for over an hour... top and shorts: Target

All in all, a great weekend!


  1. Oh your pictures came out soo beautiful!

  2. Totally love your pictures of the falls, they are gorgeous. Your puppy looks so happy with his little backpack, adorable!
    I live pretty close to Jax but haven't tried it, I take it your recommend it? It looks quite fancy, is it?

  3. Thanks! He is so cute in that backpack, I just can't stand it. The food, especially the steak, is really good there. It is a bit on the expensive side, though. The inside is pretty fancy but the patio is much more relaxed.

  4. looks like a fun weekend! i love the falls. and that doggie backpack is adorable and awesome!