Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Baby steps

Hello to blog land!
There are so many fashion/photography/lifestyle bloggers that I admire but I never got up the courage to do it myself. My hangup has always been because of the word "comparison". For instance, I'm not as pretty as _____ or as skinny as ______. I could never pull that off like ______ could or I'm not as funny or as good of a writer as _____. But, I read a post by Kendi (http://kendieveryday.blogspot.com/) about how you can bog yourself down with comparisons and just get lost in them. I decided that I did have something to contribute if only to show myself that I could. I won't have the best clothes, be the skinniest, prettiest, or whatever but I have something to add to the world and I'm going to take a chance.

That is all I am going to add tonight and hopefully I will have pictures and more of this blog stuff figured out. Until then, goodnight!

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