Monday, December 24, 2012

Merry Christmas!

It's Christmas Eve! My brother flies in today and the festivities can begin! The plan for today is to go to work, go home and bake a chocolate peppermint cake, pick up my brother at the airport and head to my parents. We are going to drink Tom and Jerry's, play cribbage and open presents. The only thing that would make this better were if my sister, brother-in-law and niece were coming home. Hopefully, we can skype with them tonight or tomorrow.

12.23.12 087

I thought I would share some of my decorations with you like I promised! I didn't go all out this year but I really like what I did end up doing. I only bought one item and that was my new vintage tablecloth from Hill Valley Boutique. Right next door is her parent's garden store and that's where my parents and I got our trees this year so we had to stop in. I definitely need to stop in there more often because she had some really great stuff! If you are a local and head over there, tell Liz I said hello!

12.23.12 088

12.23.12 090   12.23.12 092

12.23.12 089

12.23.12 093

12.23.12 094   12.23.12 096   12.23.12 095
Last year, my mom gave me some of my ornaments from when I was a kid. These are 3 of my favorites

12.23.12 101

12.23.12 102

12.23.12 104

 I hope everyone has a great day and if you don't celebrate Christmas then happy Monday :)

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