Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Winter Formal

No, I'm not attending a high school dance tonight. I'm wearing my "fancy" coat just for fun. I call it fancy because it's cream and I'm scared to wear it on a normal day because I'm a mess. I have to confess that the shoes I'm wearing were a terrible choice to go bounding around in the snow. They have no traction and I fell about 5 times while attempting to to take these photos. Also, you can tell these are from a little while ago because we have about 10 times this amount of snow now.

2.3.13 002

2.3.13 006

I also am wearing my fanciest (and itchiest) sweater underneath. Plus earrings AND a necklace. Watch out.

2.3.13 010

2.3.13 020

2.3.13 012

2.3.13 022

Outfit Details:
Coat - I want to say Nordstrom Rack (I've had this for years)
Scarf - Gift from Styled Life
Shirt, sweater, skirt - Thrifted
Shoes, necklace - Rewind Vintage
Earrings - ?

1 comment:

  1. I like your fancy coat, but like you would be afraid to wear it for everyday with it being such a light color! I also love your outfit, super pretty!