Thursday, April 4, 2013

New With a Vintage Twist

Do you have create an outfit or buy a piece that you just want to wear over and over? Well, I went to Old Navy last week to look for items to bring on my trip. I don't normally shop there but I saw a chambray shirt from Gap that I wanted and I thought ON would have a cheaper version. I was right! You can see a sneak peek of the items I got below. I was pretty proud of myself. I made sure everything I bought worked with things I already had or worked together. Plus, every item was less that 25 dollars and on sale :) I think I have a great start to a versatile travel wardrobe!

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I had to give at least one of the items a test run this weekend though so here it is! I know this will look great with a skirt because I wore it like that to work on Monday... You know you do it too.

4.1.13 016

4.1.13 028

4.1.13 024

4.1.13 032

4.1.13 031

4.1.13 037

Outfit Details:
Shirt,shoes - Old Navy
Jeans - Target
Necklace - Clyde's Rebirth
Belt - Vintage (stolen from my mom)
Headband - Belt from a thrifted dress

Speaking of Clyde's Rebirth, Merl has come up with a great new line. I REALLY want to get this necklace!
Lena // handmade in USA eco friendly jewelry


  1. Love this! You can't go wrong with a fun gingham top! The necklace is awesome too. I've been a little down on Old Navy lately (I don't like the new Roseville store that much), but I also think I could find a couple of items on my wish list for a little cheaper there.

  2. I totally miss the Quarry location! I go to one in St. Louis Park on my way home from work and I like that one. You should definitely take a peek there. They have a lot of cute stuff right now!

  3. I miss the Quarry one too! Though I guess I'm excited that there is a Michaels there now...I'll have to check out the St. Louis Park one - I think there's a DSW over there too!

  4. This has a great vintage vibe! Love it :) Super cute necklace too!

  5. Old Navy just keeps getting better and better - every time I go in I find like 15 things I want! This shirt looks adorable on you :)

  6. Thanks Megan! I found a lot of good things in there and everything seemed to be better quality than I remember. :)

  7. I need need need that dang top. It's adorbs!