Friday, September 13, 2013

By the Tracks

This outfit was pretty simple in and of itself but these pictures really have a story. I'm out with my gorilla pod trying to take photos along the railroad tracks. They came through the other day and replaced a bunch of the wood along the tracks so there were all of these big pieces of old wood. I thought, it's a Friday night, no one will be around. Wrong. Pretty much every one of my neighbors was coming home from work at that exact time. I'm sure they were thinking, "Why is that girl from our building sitting on the railroad wood down there?" Oh well. Plus, since I was so nervous, a lot of these pictures didn't turn out because they were cut off or positioned wrong. Hopefully you can get the idea :)





Happy Friday the 13th! 

Outfit Details:
Shirt, sunglasses - Forever 21
Skirt - The Paraders
Shoes - Saltwaters
Scarf (worn as a headband) - Thrifted

PS. You are welcome for the Ace butt. ;)


  1. Hahaha! I can just imagine you like, "No big deal. Just sitting on this wood. Nothing to see here! Move along!" I hate when my neighbors see me taking pics. But this outfit is super cute! I love that skirt.

  2. Ace Butt!! Haha! I do get the idea - it's a pretty red skirt! I like it a lot!

  3. If you EVER need someone to take outfit photos, I am more than happy to! We also have a beautiful park behind my house and lots of murals near me! :) xo

  4. hahah awww no! i always try to avoid taking pictures from 5-6 for just that reason! but whenever i DO get caught i just force myself to remember "whatever, i'm artsy, so i take pictures of everything? who cares!" and then i relax a little ;)

    xo marlen

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  5. You are just adorable in that simple but cute outfit! And yes, it can be awkward to try and take some outfit pictures. My problem is that my fiancé hates taking them and wants to finish as quick as possible. Usually I end up with a bunch of blurry, out of focus, talking, hair in my face, photos.



  6. Cute outfit! Love the red skirt on you :)

  7. Cute! You always look adorable in red. I'm sure I've definitely confused many people in my days of style blogging - you gotta do what you gotta do, right? :D