Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Niece Time

I went out to DC the weekend before Thanksgiving to take photos for my sister and brother-in-law for the Christmas cards. We had a hungry baby and a grumpy toddler but I think we got a couple of good shots! It was so nice of my sister to ask me to come take their photos. Instead of paying a photographer, they spent the money on my flight and I got to see my favorite babies!

Bankey Christmas photos 109

Bankey Christmas photos 063

Bankey Christmas photos 136

I also took some photos of the two girls at my sister's place the day before. You can see how much Charlotte loves Juliet (before she tried to push her off her lap) and it's so cute to see! She gives her lots of kisses and always wants to hold her hand. Melts your heart!

Bankey Christmas photos 031

Bankey Christmas photos 030

Bankey Christmas photos 023  Bankey Christmas photos 019

I'm totally biased but I think they are the cutest in town! I can't wait to see them again in a couple weeks for Christmas :)

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  1. You and your sister look so much alike, it's crazy! These photos are great! Your nieces are the cutest!