Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Vienna Part Two - Schonbrunn

The last part of our day was spent at Schonbrunn Palace. This is the former summer palace of the Habsburgs and is really magnificent. I've also been to Versailles and Schonbrunn is somewhat similar but has a much more laid back vibe to me. I wish we had been able to tour the inside but we didn't really have much time. There was also Europe (and I think the world's) oldest zoo on the premises so if I ever go back, I would love to see that too. We ended our time at Schonbrunn the way Austrians do it, with dessert! :)

Europetrip 1426

sheena me Schönbrunn Palace3Europetrip 1427

Europetrip 1429

Europetrip 1439

Europetrip 1443

Europetrip 1446

sheena me Schönbrunn Palace

sheena me Schönbrunn Palace2

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Next and final stop is Prague!

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  1. Oh! You must come back! I also visited but the inside is adorable!