Monday, April 2, 2012

One Dress 3 Ways - Day 1

This was not meant to be a feature at all. I just happened to wear this dress three different times and take pictures of each outfit. It wasn't until I uploaded all of these pictures that I realized I had worn it 3 times. So... here is a series of posts on how to wear the same item multiple ways. It also helps if the weather changes dramatically in between wears. It makes you change how you wore it before and makes for 3 totally different outfits. My grossness leads to your inspiration. You're welcome :)  Note: I did wash this in between wears 1 and 2 but not between 2 and 3... Oh well.


I somehow thought this "dress" was longer in the store. While wearing it, I felt many a breeze and got chlucked at by my mom as to how short it was. Which is a bummer because it's brand new and I actually paid full price for it... Ce la vie!



Outfit Details:
"Dress" - H&M
Tights - We Love Colors
Cardigan, boots - thrifted


  1. I like the dress! It is short, but not too short as long as you have tights under it!

  2. I like it!  Tights make it work great even if it is a little short!  It's cute!

  3. I love the collar on the dress! Love the color of your tights too :)