Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Other Babes in Thriftland - Vang

Welcome to another installment of Other Babes in Thriftland! Today's babe is Vang from My Lovely List. I had the pleasure of meeting Vang at the Junk Love sale. She is super sweet and just started doing outfit posts on her blog. Go over and say hi! She wanted to share some really great thriting tips with you so here goes!

Tip #1: Patience is key

When I first started thrift shopping, I was overwhelmed by the sheer amount of clothing at the thrift store. Being patient is essential when shopping at thrift stores. Some of the best items are found after meticulously combing through racks and racks of clothing. 

Tip #2: Make it fun

Sometimes, I feel an unspoken pressure to search for that really great "find" at the thrift store. It's the same type of pressure one might sense while shopping on Black Friday to get the best deals. But when I go thrift shopping without expectations, I am more at ease and the experience is more enjoyable overall.

Tip #3: Thrift with an open mind

One of my favorite thrifted items is a vintage floral dress. I had seen it more than a few times during my regular shopping trips and had previously dismissed it. The dress had big shoulder pads, a bright floral pattern, and looked unflattering on the hanger. But when I finally decided to give it a try, I fell in love with the full skirt, the hidden side pockets, and the cute buttons on the front of the dress. Also, it was easy to alter what I didn't like about the dress after I took it home (I removed the shoulder pads). 

Thrifted item: the dress! See the full post here.

Thrifted items: Blouse, skirt and belt! View full post here.

Thanks for the great tips, Vang! I think even veteran thrifters can use that advice!  Head over to her blog and tell her I said hi!

 Remember, if you want to join in the fun just send me an email at with a link to your favorite outfits. If you want to share some tips or a story like Megan, that would be great too!


  1. I just discovered Vang's blog recently!  It's fun meeting other MN gals.  Great thrifting tips too! :)

  2. Another awesome MN blogger highlight!!!  YAY!  I can already tell I'm going to love her blog! Xo Lori

  3. Thanks again for featuring me!

    Vang :)