Sunday, August 7, 2011

Thrift Week Volume 3 - The Tied Shirt Conundrum

Is this outfit flattering? I'm not sure. I've seen other bloggers pull of this cute tied shirt look but I don't know if it is cute on me. The area that makes me the most self-conscious is my stomach so a high waisted skirt and a tied top... scary. But, I went with it. Maybe I'll try this look again with a not as tight skirt, something floaty. Me thinks I would feel much more confident!

Plus, bending over in this skirt is a real pain in the ass, both figuratively and literally :)


It was windy but you finally get to see my new haircut!

Outfit Details:
Shirt - Thrifted Savers (on a recent trip with Maria) I want to say it was 2.99
Skirt, shoes - thrifted too!
Necklace - I Like You


  1. i love your haircut! and the tied up shirt looks adorable. 

  2. I'm voting "yes!" on the tied shirt as well. It would also look extra cute with higher waisted jeans.

    LOVIN the haircut. You're making me wish I wasn't growing out my bangs!

  3. Thanks! I wore the shirt with a jean skirt after this and felt much better. 

  4. I need to buy a pair of high waited jeans then! Can't wait to see you for trivia!