Thursday, August 11, 2011

Thrift Week Volume 5 - Dot Dot Dot

This is actually the first time I've worn both of these items. Sad right? I think it is the bargainer in me that buys things even if they aren't quite right. A shirt that is too short for your tastes but you tell yourself you will wear it with tons of high waisted skirts? A skirt where the elastic is too tight to fit over your hips so you have to put in over your head? Throw them in the cart! Regardless, I think this turned out pretty cute. I think some sort of belt would have been cute with this too but remember, my accessories are on strike during thrift week.

PS please excuse my hair. This is what happens when I throw it up in the car and decide to take it down right before taking pictures. Result? A flat, kinky, sweaty mess. Also, can someone tell me how people get those super cute twirly skirt pictures? Mine didn't turn out at all!




Outfit Details:
Shirt/skirt - Thrifted
Shoes - Target
Necklace - I LikeYou


  1. That's a super cute skirt. I need more polka dots in my life.

  2. The skirt is really cute. I have the same problem with thrift stores, which is why I don't go very often. It is hard to stop myself from buying clothes that I won't really wear.

  3. i too have many skirts i pull over my head because they won't fit over my hips.  i think it's the nature of thrifting.

  4. WAY cute.  Just a bit obsessed with that skirt.

  5. Oh good, I thought it was just me. I was starting to think I was crazy!

  6. You can borrow it if you want, maybe it will fit over your hips :)

  7. That's a super cute outfit! Love the skirt!

  8. Love the pleated skirt.  And with polka-dots too?  Extra points for sure :)