Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Weekend Roundup - YEEEHA!

Ha! Just a quick recap of my weekend for you all!

Friday, I met up with Maria and we went to the NE Minneapolis dog parade. It was so fun but super hot. Both Ace and Welly (Maria's doggie) were getting too overheated so we had to hop back to my house for a much needed AC break. Good thing the end point of the parade was right in front of my place!

maria and welly

Welly loved the ice cream once he figured out what it was! Ace gobbled his in no time (no surprise there)

ace me
I'm wearing a dress I bought online from Twitch Vintage

Then I said bye to Maria and Welly and heading over to hang out at Megan's. Nora, Amanda and Kimi were there and lots of laughs and a dance party were had.

Saturday, I hung out at my place and then headed over to my parents neighborhood to watch the Sound of Music. My dad was a baron in it :) If you are in the Minneapolis area, it's also playing this coming weekend too! We went out to dinner and then got poured on when we were leaving. There have been some crazy amounts of rain this weekend. I feel like I moved to the Amazon...

Sunday I took pictures of my cousin Kari's daughter, Reina. She is stinkin cute and fast! Oh man so fast. I will post a couple of the pictures once I edit them. We heading over to Lake Nokomis in south Minneapolis. It was SUPER humid so we were all sweaty and crabby at the end :) After that, Shawn and I headed up to his parents house for a relaxing dinner including corn on the cob, steak and brownies. Oh so good! His mom is also helping me mend/alter/shorten a bunch of things I've accumulated from the thrifting and I can't wait to get them back and show you all! She is so sweet, she wouldn't even let me pay her. I'll have to think of something nice I can get her (like a gift card) that's she can't refuse!

Hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. Oh, those sweet pups.  So sad I missed the parade.  There is a similar event in St. Paul on Grand Ave. on Sunday and would love to go if it's not too hot for the Pug.

  2. Your dog might be the cutest thing I've ever seen!