Friday, November 18, 2011

East Coast Trip - Outfit Post

Things I learned (or re-learned) this week.
-I probably would have fit in back in the 40's and 50's. Love the music, clothes, etc.
-I don't do well on little sleep. Midnight showing + waking up at 6 = crabby Erin
-The caffeine in Coke Zero has little to no effect on making me more awake. Or Pepsi. See previous statement.
- I get annoyed pretty easily. I don't know how I ever forget this fact.
-Love my cousin, catching up with her is always so nice. We are so similar in a lot of ways. Genetics is funny sometimes.
-I am terrible at keeping good news a secret. I haven't told you guys yet so that's something :)
- This may be TMI but I really like to make out. It has been 3 months and I feel like calling every guy I know or heading to the nearest bar and throwing myself at someone. Yeah, try that last one and then tell them you only want to make out. I think it makes guys really happy when you do that.
-I love having varied interests and that I have at least one friend that shares most of them. Case in point. My lovely friend Brooke took me on a date to see Breaking Dawn last night. Yeah, we are pretty cool. Other than the moms, we were some of the oldest people there. Don't judge me.
-Sometimes you just have to look around your pigsty of a condo, throw up your hands and say fuck it. I'm not going to clean, I'm going to watch 5 episodes of Supernatural followed by 2 episodes of Merlin. So what. I'm 28. I do what I want. Ace doesn't complain about the mess so who cares right?
-I really love when Friday rolls around. Don't know how I ever forget that either.
-I'm super siked when I'm tired enough for a nap. I am a pro at napping. So is Ace. By our powers combined!
-Ace is still into destroying my underwear. And only the nice ones. At least he has good taste.
-I'm really glad I'm not a guy sometimes. I could not imagine walking into a bathroom, pulling down my pants and then having the guy who sits next to me in my cube walk in. He might glance at my junk but bad enough we have to stand next to each other a pee. Thanks for making me a girl mom and dad. It does have SOME perks.

This is what I wore while tooling around DC with my sister. Nothing more exciting to say than that!



Outfit Details:
Sweater - Thrifted
Dress - Old, I want to say Loehmans
Tights - Target
Shoes - Forever 21

Photos by my sister. PS sorry for the originality of the poses. I felt kind of silly in front of a person and not a tripod and then this mail truck was trying to pull into this driveway. Awkward...


  1. I love your dress!  Seriously love.  PS my cousin is totally my best friend and my dog piper is on a mission to destroy every pair of underwear I own.  She destroys nothing else, just my undies, and she literally digs through the laundry basket for them!  I love that you went to see breaking dawn-I don't do the whole twilight thing but I have always been a harry potter nerrrrrrrd!  Xo Lori

  2. Salvaged StrawberryNovember 18, 2011 at 2:17 PM

    Hah! That made me laugh! I, too, have thrown my hands up (many a time!) and said f-it. Apartment, you are just not getting cleaned this week. :) I also love that dress. It looks like strawberries! :) I can't resist red polka-dot anything. Hope you are well my dear! Have an excellent weekend!

  3. I totally just saw Breaking Dawn. And I am older than you. So there. Love this dress. So cute! See you soon!

  4. Ha Ha- Your too funny!!!! Love this post.
    Happy Weekend Friend :)

  5. Your list made me laugh! happy weekend!

  6. I'm also awful at keeping good news to myself! It's so tempting isn't it?

    P.S. Do you mind if I add you to my blogroll? Following you, great blog. x