Thursday, November 17, 2011

East Coast Trip - Washington DC

Day two was a very low key day. My sister and I slept in and then headed over to Georgetown to see her new office. Then the heavens opened up, smiled upon us and shown their light on this place.

Oh yes. It was worth the price and the hype. I had a pumpkin cupcake with cinnamon cream cheese frosting. SO GOOD! I even flew home with it. However, Ace got to enjoy the rest of it because I forgot it in my bag and that little jerk ate it. I convinced myself that it was probably stale and gross. However, I'm sure it was delicious as ever. Le sigh.



DC street
Cute Georgetown street.


Then, we did some thrift shopping. My sister just came over to the dark side and wanted to show off all of her favorite places. I realized that I have either less patience or more skill than her because she was SLOW! Jeez. Maybe I'm just used to thrifting alone or with pros... I'll give her the benefit of the doubt because if you knew her, you would know that it was amazing we were in a thrift/consignment store to begin with. I'm also not big into labels; they don't really blow my dress up. So, one of the places seemed too expensive for my taste but it was a VERY nice looking, well put together store.

Then it was off to Baltimore to stay with my lovely friend Laura. She took me out to dinner in Little Italy and they made me a delish fettuccine alfredo off menu (because I'm that cool. Or picky. Probably the later). We got to catch up on all of life's happenings which was so nice. Love her.

Pictures from Baltimore and the wedding coming soon!

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  1. OH MAN. Baked goods are my greatest weakness. Those cupcakes look adorable AND delicious!