Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Sweet Musings

I totally forgot to post this!!

After I saw this post on Amanda's blog, I had to run right over to Etsy and contact Michelle. I haven't gotten the bag yet but she just sent me the drawing and I LOVE it. Love. it. Ace looks so cute and just like the real version. So, head over to Sweet Musings and get your own tote. Like now! I think you can just get a drawing too.

Here is the inspiration picture...

ace cape

Here is the drawing she came up with. I LOVE it!

ace drawing

The cute box it came in and the finished product!

sweet musings box


Michelle was super nice and told me that you could contact her on Etsy and mention my blog and get a discount. How nice is that? Go over there right now!


  1. Love this! I've already emailed Michelle  to see about getting one made for my sister in law with her pit bull on it.  Thanks for the fabulous gift idea!

  2. I love your dog! He is SO adorable.  I need a picture of my dog on everything, stat!
    Superstition Vintage

  3. Oh you need to show it to me when it's finished! 

  4. I know! Now that I know I can have him on a tote, I want everything with him on it too! He is pretty adorable :)

  5. YEahhhhhh...this is pretty much the greatest thing EVER!!!!!  This just found it's way on my xmas list! :)