Monday, November 28, 2011

Polka Dots and Orange Chicken

Hi all! How was your weekend? Mine was pretty swell. Ace and I slept in on Saturday and pretty much were huge bums. I POWER cleaned my place because it was embarrassing to be honest. Now it is much tidier and ready for some decorations! Sunday, I headed over to my parents to work on my desk from the Junk Love sale. It is so cute! I painted it a really fun green and then did a faux bois finish on it. I can't wait to show you it when it's dry! I'm so happy to finally have a place to put my computer, keys and some little knick knacks. Who wants to come over and help me decorate?

I wore this to work the other day and then headed out thrifting with Emma, Megan and Megan's kids. I had never been to that particular thrift store before and I found a couple of good things! In particular, a blue button up with polka dots. I've worn it twice but haven't taken a picture yet. Don't worry, though I'm sure it will turn up on here soon! I just remembered that I wore this to the midnight showing of the new Twilight movie. I won't get into details but the movie was not my favorite and was actually quite odd in parts. You could tell that they were adding weird bits to make it into 2 movies. Oh well.

Sorry for the blurry pictures but I can't seem to find my remote so my self timer and I have been getting reaquainted. Also, I bought this sweater from a very lovely blogger named Bonnie. She has a little blog store and I've admired this cardigan for a while ever since I saw it on her blog. I hope I did the sweater justice. She has a very enviable style so go check out her blog if you haven't already!






Outfit Details:
Sweater - Flashes of Style blog shop
Shirt, skirt - Thrifted
Tights, shoes - Target
Purse - ASOS (isn't it so CUTE!)

The other part of my title is that I made some delicious orange chicken over quinoa and brown rice. YUM!


  1. YES, I love that purse! Cute polka dots, too.

  2. I like the sweater.  I made my husband see the new Twilight with me, and he was really confused by it.

  3. love the sweater! so cute. and yes, i love your purse, too.

  4. Love your sweater and purse! :)

  5. Thanks! I would be really confused by it to. I read the book and I still was :)

  6. maybe if I get sick of it, I'll let you borrow it for a bit ;)

  7. Oh I know. You can borrow the sweater for a bit if you want!