Thursday, May 24, 2012

Lumber Yard

Just a trip to your friendly neighborhood lumber yard. I hope you are all liking my little photo safaris :) I'm trying to find new places to take pictures that aren't in my "backyard."  Not much else to say but happy Thursday!

5.22.12 016 (1)

5.22.12 021 (1)

5.22.12 019 (1)

5.22.12 022 (1)

5.22.12 023 (1)

Outfit Details:
Dress, shoes, belt - Thrifted
Sunnies - Target


  1. Cute dress. The colors are really pretty on you! And your hair looks so bright and shiny in these photos!

  2. LOL, I know that lumber yard!  Is that sad that I know where that is?  Love this dress!  So cute on you!

  3. YAY! Erin you can finally comment on my blog! You dont know how happy that makes me... ALSO, that dress is cute cute cute! It's the kind of thing you hope to find at the thrift store!

  4. Thanks! It's not sad you know where it is. I drive by it whenever I go to the Savers by your house :)

  5. Yay! It is so exciting. Thanks! It's even better because it's like a house dress.  I'm basically wearing pajamas with a belt.

  6. Thank you! I didn't do anything differently to make is shiny but maybe I should try to do it again.