Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Red (hair), White and Blue

On Memorial Day, I had the pleasure of hanging out with both Birds, their husbands/fiances and their little ones. Megan and I braved the thrift stores and picked up a couple of deals. We were burnt out after only two though. 50% off brings out the crazy people, let me tell you.  Then we headed to Nora's for a delicious BBQ. She had lots of tasty fruit, snacks and even a fruit pizza. I had to bring my own meat since I'm the only non-veggie other than Megan's fiance. I whipped us up some tasty turkey burgers though :) Their kids are so cute! Eva and I hung out a little, Henry wasn't interested in me but Nora's daughter Mimi kept wanting me to swing with her and she even sat by me. "Ewin, come s(w)ing wit me." I would hand her food and she would say "Uhnx" haha. Nora kept saying she is too lazy to say thanks. So cute. I can't wait to meet their little boy! I'm looking forward to more BBQ's this summer!

5.28.12 014 (1)

5.28.12 016 (1)

5.28.12 017 (1)
Sorry this is so grainy, it was the only picture where you could see my shoes!

Outfit Details:
Skirt, shoes - thrifted (skirt is from my recent thrift haul!)
Shirt - TJ Maxx bought in ND
Sunglasses - Target

PS. Don't try to wear a wrap skirt without shorts when it's really windy. Just sayin...


  1. Looks cute!  I'm glad that skirt worked out well!  And yes 50% off definitely brings out the crazy, I skipped the sales this time!  BBQ's are fun!  Yay summer!

  2. Loved the outfit in person and I love it here. Super cute! Mimi loves you and would like to hang out again soon. Let's plan it! Uhnx.

  3. Isn't it funny when little kids get excited about their new grown up friends? Bryan's sister heard her 4 year old daughter singing "Emma is a girl, she's my friend" to herself once.

    Your memorial day weekend sounds fab, and your skirt is ADORABLE.

  4. That skirt, ugh, it's magnificent.  And I love it with the striped T!!!