Monday, June 4, 2012

Trip Planning

Do any of you have a hard time planning big or small trips? I sure do. I get so caught up in all the things I COULD do, I get overwhelmed.  The trip to Europe my friend and I are planning has been so hard. I've already told you that I lived in Scotland and went on a 4 week trip to mainland Europe when I was there. We went all over Italy, Spain and France. This time, we are skipping Spain but still trying to squeeze in A LOT of stuff. My big 3 were Belgium, Amsterdam and Prague. She has only been to Spain so there is a ton she wants to see too. Here is how I broke it down. Let me know what you think. I know it seems... ambitious... but I can't wait!

Day 1: Fly into Ireland. Explore some towns, try to get over jet lag
Day 2: Ring of Kerry/ Cliffs of Mohr. Make our way through the countryside. Arrive in Dublin that evening.
Cliffs Of Moher, want to see these so badly
Day 3: Explore Dublin. Stay the night again?
Day 4: Head to London in the morning. Explore London.
london london london
Day 5: Explore London.
Brussels, Belgium
Day 6: Take train to Belgium. Spend the day making our way up to Amsterdam. Get there in the evening.
Amsterdam. Can't wait for these canals!
Day 7: Explore Amsterdam. Bike rides, etc.
Day 8: Explore Amsterdam. Take night train to Prague.
Day 9: Arrive in Prague.
Day 10: Explore Prague. Take overnight train to Venice (if there is one).
Day 11: Venice
Day 12. Take the train to Florence in the a.m. Explore Florence
Florence, Italy
Day 13: Florence (wineries/day trip maybe)
Day 15: take train to Rome in the a.m. Explore Rome.
Rome - Spanish steps
Day 16: Rome.
Day 17: Spend the whole day going through Tuscany on our way to Cinque Terre
Cinque Terre, Italy
Day 18: Cinque Terre.
Day 19: Head to south of France. Take a couple hours wandering around Cannes, Monaco and/or Nice. Spend the night in Marseille or Aix-en Provence.
Nice, France
Day 20: Make our way up to Lyon and spend the night.
Lyon / © Diego Angelucci
Day 21: Make our way up to Paris.
Day 22-23/4: Paris.
Taking this exact picture when I'm there :)

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  1. Can you pack me in your suitcase?  This sounds so awesome!!

  2. oh! that would be amazing!! i love paris!

  3. Great post, getting me so excited to go!! I love it Erin!!!! I can't wait!!!!! :) 

  4. Sounds like a thrill! But it does seem like your packing a bit too many destinations in 23 days...

    One day in Belgium seems a bit short. You can visit Brussels, Bruges or Antwerp, but I strongly recommend a short trip to Ghent. Not the most well known city but certainly a blaze if you're into second hand shopping, street art and vegetarian food. It also has a lot of medieval buildings (cathedral, castle, belfry, béguinages, ...) and architecture.

    If you need some insider tips (vintage shops, flea markets, sightseeing, ...) for Ghent or Bruges, Brussels and Antwerp.. just ask :)

  5. Wow, that trip sounds amazing!

  6. Wow, that's so much! Can't wait to hear more about it! I've never been to Amsterdam, Lyon, nor Cinque Terra! Can't wait to see your photos and hear all about it!

  7. I am just going to live vicariously through you on this one - dream vacation! Can't wait to hear your full report.

  8. nice!

     p.s. I'm having a giveaway if you'd like to check it out! xx

  9. I haven't been any of those places either and I'm really excited!

  10. Thanks! I'm already really excited and it's like a year away...

  11. Thanks for the tip! We will definitely take that into consideration!

  12. Seeing as we are only bringing backpacks, I'm going to have to say no :) I can't wait!

  13. So flipping jealous of your trip, no matter what you do it's going to be an incredible adventure of a lifetime, I cannot wait to see pictures and more importantly how you pack for this beast and what you end up wearing!