Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Crash the Ball: Party Style Part 1

I rounded up the courage to ask some of the party go-ers where they got their outfits from.  I think I may have to do this more often. It's really fun talking to people and finding out where they shop. I've got another post coming tomorrow with the rest of the outfits!

6.16.12 020
Both Rachel and Caitlin got their dresses from Primp
I loved the color of Rachel's dress and the peplum really added a fun dimension to it.  Caitlin's dress caught my eye because of the dimension in the different colored sequins. I also like the non traditional belt she chose.

6.16.12 022
From left to right: Wendy-Limited, Kara - Lula Vintage, Nicole - TJ Maxx, Julie - Express
All four of these ladies were so sweet. I have to admit I was drawn to Kara's dress first because I sensed it was vintage :) I was really surprised when Wendy, Nicole and Julie told me where they got their dresses. You know me and my thrifty sensibilities.  I love that they made dresses that didn't cost a lot look expensive through their styling.

6.16.12 023
Laura got her dress in New York City at Saks Fifth Ave. Her boyfriend Matt's suit is a hand-me-down.
Laura is a good friend of mine and I love the dress she picked. The color and the shape are so flattering on her. If you knew her, you would know how fun it is to see her all dressed up. Matt didn't look to shabby either :)


  1. I am now obsessed with finding Nicole's TJ Maxx dress! OBSESSED!

  2. Ooh I love Kara's dress!! And Nicole's! They are probably my favorites. Lovely!