Friday, June 8, 2012

Take A Hike

Just sharing some pictures of my hike with Ace from last weekend. We've been trying to get out more and exercise and hiking is one of my favorites. The only bummer on this trail is dogs could only go on the paved path which doesn't really count as hiking to me. This would be a great place for a bike ride or run though! If you ever want to come with, just let me know!

6.5.12 002

6.5.12 004

6.5.12 010

6.5.12 011

6.5.12 007

6.5.12 009  6.5.12 008
Wild turkey spotting!

Have a great weekend. I hear it's going to be a hot one around these parts!


  1. I'd be down for a hike/bike sometime!  Love the turkey spotting.  We have a few of those guys around don't we?  Crazy.

  2. I'll be looking to lose some weight in a couple of months! :) Let's hike!

  3. Looks like a nice hike! What's Ace carrying in his pack? Snacks?

  4. These photos are gorgeous! Ah, Minnesota summer. Ace's little backpack is also particularly adorable.

  5. Aww thanks! He is pretty adorable if I do say so myself. He doesn't particularly like the backpack but he's gotta carry his own stuff.

  6. It was really nice even though we went 3 miles in the wrong direction :) He carries his own water and some treats in his pack :)

  7. You, Ace, Piper and I still need to go for a hike, let's chat on Friday about when and where!