Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Home Tour - Recent Additions

I recently added some new decor with the help of my pal and interior decorator extraordinaire Megan. I also re-arranged some furniture thanks to my parents. Nothing like a big event where lots of people want to see your place to get stuff in gear. I had my sister's baby shower in April and then my birthday party in May so I wanted everything to look great.  I really like how it looks now so I thought I would show you a couple of the updates! 

6.26.12 040
The whole shebang.

5.22.12 009
New rolling cart courtesy of my grandma. Liquor is courtesy of all my birthday party attendees :)

5.22.12 010 (1)
The little tray and bottle opener are from IKEA, the shaker and jigger (is that the word?) are from CB2, and the glasses were thrifted. Megan graciously gave me these 2 when we were shopping :)

6.26.12 031
The smiley MN print is the new addition to the collage wall

5.22.12 013 (1)

5.22.12 012 (1)
I'm going to list as many things as I can remember :)
Old cameras: Etsy
Games: mostly thrifted
Records: mostly thrifted, some from Hymie's Vintage Records
Books: thrifted, some from my parents house, some my grandma gave me
Shortbread tin, flower tin - Buffalo occasional sales
Weird egg people salt and pepper shakers: garage sale
Baker and wife S&P shakers: my grandma
Small globe: Patina
Eiffel tower: Paris, Florence glass painting you can't see: Florence street vendor
Puzzle US map: parent's garage
Crates: Some from my mom, one from a garage sale and a couple from Junk Love (including the metal one)

This is one of my favorite additions.  The couch used to face the wall and there was a big IKEA bookshelf here (you can see it in the background of the second picture). I only have 2 windows so the light was blocked by the unit. It is so much more light and open and I have more storage too! The bookshelf now separates the "living room" from the "bedroom."

6.26.12 034
My one print from Wild Tonic was joined by two others and hung in the bathroom

6.26.12 036
Thrifted crewel picture in my bedroom

6.26.12 037
New chair via craigslist and thrifted afghan


  1. Your place looks cute and cozy! Thanks for sharing!

  2. I like your pictures, and the smiley MN is super cute.

  3. Looks super cute and very cozy! Nice!

  4. Oh your place is adorable! I love the pictures on the wall the most, I have so much artwork to frame and hang up, you're motivating me to do it!

  5. Your place looks awesome. I really like the crates and all the things in it.

  6. LOVE. i really like the crates.

  7. Wow, it looks great! I especially love the crates - such a sucker for some good ol' fashion reappropriated crate action!

  8. you place looks brilliant :) way to go ;)