Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Twin Cities Pride

If you don't want to read about my views on gay marriage then don't read this post :)

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Love is love. Period. Who is anyone to decide who can and can't be in love and who can and can't be married? If we are going to start picking and choosing then I've met quite a few people who wouldn't pass muster. It all comes down to basic human rights in my opinion.  In the past we have fought for women's rights, equality among different races and now we have another battle on our hands.  Just because you were born a certain way doesn't mean you should be treated any differently. If you think men are better than women, you are sexist. If you think white people are better than black people or vice versa, you are racist. But, if you think that straight people have more rights than those who are gay, you are just defending the "sanctity of marriage." Bullshit. Some states have made it legal for same sex couples to get married and the world hasn't come crashing to the ground. If two people love each other, let them get married. The end. I will definitely be voting NO on the marriage amendment in MN (an amendment to the constitution that would essentially ban gay marriage).

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I have a cousin who is gay and thinking of all the things her wife couldn't have access to if she was hurt or dying really pisses me off. In MN, her wife wouldn't have rights to consult with a physician on her care if she wasn't able to, be able to sue for wrongful death and couldn't have a joint life insurance policy with her. They don't love their daughter any less because they are gay and their family should have all the same rights as any other. There are actually 515 ways that MN laws discriminate against same sex couples. If you want to know more, check out Project 515.

Also, some people think being gay is a choice. I know that I didn't wake up one morning and think to myself, "I'm straight. Yes, I think I will decide to be attracted to men." I always just knew that guys did it for me. I have no experience in the matter but I'm assuming being gay is the same way. You can't choose who you love or who you're attracted to.  If you think that people can change the way they are then maybe you should change your own mind set. I would love to see bigoted, small minded people change their point of view. It would make the world a better place.

Ok, I'm done with my speech :) Enjoy some fun pictures of the Twin Cities Pride parade!

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Favorite float. Lots of dancing in the street :)

One more thing. Just seeing how many people (250,000+!!) came out to support the gay community really made me proud of the people in my city. I know that a parade like this couldn't take place everywhere in the US. Twin cities, you rock!


  1. Applause. Agreed! I have many gay friends that I want to have the same rights I do!! Great pictures of the parade!

  2. Well said! Great photos!