Thursday, June 21, 2012

Crash the Ball: Party Style Part 2

I've got some more great dresses and suits coming your way!

6.16.12 034
Left to right: Jacqueline - Saks off 5th, Emily - Faviana Couture, Liz - Saks in New York City
Well, you don't need me to tell you that these ladies looked great. I found out after Jacqueline friended me on facebook that she was Miss North Dakota a couple of years ago. How cool is that? Emily and Liz were the chairs of the events and definitely looked the part. I love the color of both of their dresses and all three of their dresses fit their personalities so well.

6.16.12 043
From Right to Left: Carl - Hugo Boss, Andrea - Alice Temperly via Rent the Runway, Taryn - Zara, Michael - Hugo Boss
The theme of the event was Paris and these ladies were some of the only people who dressed for it. I love that Andrea took a dress that was pretty in its own right and added such fun accessories like the floral belt and the hat.Taryn's look was 1920's Paris without being too literal. The pale sequins with the black sequin stripes were really eye catching in person. These two guys definitely pulled their own weight and looked great too. I liked that Michael picked a patterned shirt and you can't tell here but his tie had a pattern too. Carl's look was more classic but it had an edge to it that I liked.

6.16.12 081
I didn't ask where she got her dress but I liked it so I put it in! The dress is all sequins and was really striking in person.

6.16.12 088
Megan got her dress from Modcloth and Audra's is from Nordstrom
I'm sure you know why I liked these two outfits. They were definitely vintage inspired and had a lot of personality that was lacking in a lot of the black dresses everyone else was wearing.  These ladies looked great but still looked like themselves.


  1. Everyone looks so great! I love the red and white polka dot dress and the 1920s Paris dress!


  3. Oh my gosh, that red polka dot dress is to die for!! Love it!