Monday, June 25, 2012

Blogger Lady Date

What better reason to get dressed up then to hang out with a fellow blogger and super cool lady? None I tell you! I had a fun date in St. Paul with Lori last week. We ate the biggest tots I've ever seen and then forgoed (forwent?) dinner and had dessert. I had some AMAZING key lime pie and Lori had some tasty chocolate cake. I wore my new favorite dress and trusty target shoes.  Date success! 




Outfit Details:
Dress - Thrifted (Lacoste!)
Shoes, sunglasses - Target

Here is a more serious picture for you all. :)

**Just noticed I'm above 100 followers. Thanks and hi to my new readers!**


  1. I LOVE that dress. I know I keep saying it and I'm probably biased since you bought it when we shopped together, but I totally love it. We need to meet up again soon!

  2. That dress is great! Congrats on hitting the 100 mark! I'm a Minnesota gal myself and a newer follower to your blog. LOVE it!

  3. That dress looks amazing on you! Wow!

  4. You look gorgeous. I love that dress on you!

  5. You're a genius! Appetizers and straight to dessert! Why haven't I thought of that? Love your shoes, I found something very similar by Target at my local Goodwill on Saturday!

  6. YAY! I know I am totally behind on reading your bliggity blog but yay for a fun night, an adorbs outfit and that last bamf pic. I'm down for unbalanced tot and cake filled meals anytime !!!

  7. Oh, I love the dress! And I'm sure you had an amazing time with Lori! Even though I've never met her in person, I'm sure I would too! I'm your 102nd follower! -Jessica