Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Northeast Dog Parade

On Friday, Ace and I decided to head over to the NE Minneapolis dog parade. It's not really a parade per se, just a bunch of dogs and their owners walking around the neighborhood. There is always a really nice gift bag from Bone Adventure and then lots of vendors at the end. You are encouraged to have your dog wear a costume which is why Ace is wearing his cape. I was talking with my cousin/friend and her husband so we missed the costume contest. I like to think Ace would have been a finalist thanks to my superior glue gun skills :)

7.30.12 014

7.30.12 008

7.30.12 007

7.30.12 006

7.30.12 013

7.30.12 0107.30.12 011
My cousin's two dogs :)

7.30.12 017
Tired after a fun night!

Back tomorrow with what I wore!


  1. Fun! I wish I had a dog, I'd totally be all over this if I did!

  2. Oh my gosh! Ace is so cute, especially in his cape! Good work! What a great event! I wish I could take Lucy to something like this, but she can be such a spaz in crowds and most people aren't cool with a big dog playing so rough! I'm so jealous!

  3. Ace is kind of a spaz too but he's gotten much better. I just need to bring my patience because he can get kind of annoying trying to sniff every. single. dog.

  4. Ace is so cute!