Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Trip to the Flea Market

Get ready for a series of random pictures. Megan of Two Birds and my friend Amanda went with me to a flea market.  Disclaimer: the flea market is about an hour northwest of the Twin Cities... don't judge us based on the following pictures. I got a ton of fun stuff, a sunburn and some good food. All in all, worth the trip for sure. If you are local, this flea market is in Annadale and runs every Saturday in the summer. Check it out! Lots of junk and lots of good stuff too. :) PS. I didn't feel comfortable taking pictures of the actual booths so you'll have to settle for the "overview" pictures.

7.5.12 001

7.5.12 003

7.5.12 002

We decided to stop for lunch at the Peppermint Twist. I think you'll see why in a minute...

7.5.12 004

7.5.12 008

7.5.12 009

7.5.12 011

We totally weren't those creepy older people with no kids who sat in the little house to eat and took pictures in front of giant wood bears. Nope. Not us.

7.5.12 014

7.5.12 015

7.5.12 016


  1. Jacqueline MitchellJuly 10, 2012 at 6:08 AM

    It looks like a wonderful way to spend the weekend!

  2. You guys are dorks and I am totally judging you. Ha! Just kidding. I wish I could have come with! Next time...

  3. Looks like lots of fun! I'd have totally sat in the little house and posed with the bears too. It's just too awesome not to.

  4. aww how cute is that! I definitely might have to go to that flea market and eat in one of those little houses. adorable.

  5. Um, I need to go live in the Peppermint Twist. Immediately.