Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Poultry and Polka Dots

This is what I wore on Thanksgiving day. I was all prepared with my jeggings and long flow-y shirt. However, I didn't really eat that much at all. I had about 10 bites and felt so full I just couldn't eat anymore. What a shame...

11.27.12 010

11.27.12 009

11.27.12 011

Outfit Details:
Top - Forever 21
Jeggings- Target
Cardigan - so old I can't remember
Shoes - Old Navy

This mural is right by my house and I've always wanted to take pictures in front of it. Thanksgiving meant NO people in my neighborhood which never happens. I was a bit excited about it...

11.27.12 012


  1. That is a shame that you couldn't eat more. Oh least you looked super cute! I love that shirt.

  2. Very cute outfit! I got full super fast on Thanksgiving too. So much food!!

    Love that you could pose in front of that mural!!

  3. I love the mural! Glad you go it people-free!

  4. That's an awesome mural. I don't think I've ever seen it before.

    Your Thanksgiving outfit is super cute and practical (jeggings!).

  5. Glad you got an opportunity to take photos by that wall - it's a great backdrop! And I love your top :)