Thursday, November 1, 2012

Getting My Aztec On

I got the chance to work with a company called Sugarlips recently and this is the dress I chose. I originally received a different dress that did not fit and they were nice enough to let me send it back in exchange for something else.  I didn't want tolet the unflattering dress influence my review!  The dress is pretty but really comfortable. It is a thin material but comes with a matching red lining so you don't have to wear it with a slip (yes!). The pattern is unlike anything I have in my closet and I love the cream piping on the top and sleeves. My only negative is that it's a bit short but it does look pretty cute with tight. I think it will be cute to wear with skinny jeans or tucked into a skirt as well. Can't wait to try more ways to style this!

What's great about Sugarlips is how blogger friendly they are. I don't have a huge following but they were more than happy to work with me which is so different from a lot of companies. Also, they use outfit shots from the bloggers they work with and use them in the their product photos. How cool is that? They want to promote you since you promote them. Hopefully, we can work together again!

10.30.12 029

10.30.12 035

10.30.12 032

10.30.12 037

I also wanted to talk about my new necklace! The necklace is from a shop called Clyde's Rebirth. I really can't recommend this shop enough. My necklace was lost in the mail for a bit and Merl really went above and beyond to correct it. She also uses vintage and recycled materials in her products which is a great thing to get behind.

10.30.12 040

10.30.12 038

10.30.12 028

-Outfit Details-
Dress: Sugarlips
Necklace: Clyde's Rebirth
Jacket, tights: Target
Shoes: Forever 21
Belt: from a different skirt


  1. Nice! I haven't seen much from Sugarlips out on the blogs, I'll have to give them a look! This dress is so cute, I love it with the jacket! The necklace is awesome too, I'll have to check out that shop as well!

  2. Glad I could introduce you to some new shops! I'll have to let you guys know if they use my pictures in the product description :)

  3. This is a great outfit! I love the way that dress and necklace work together, great job! Thanks for the heads up on Sugarlips.. better go check it out! Also Sugarlips is an adorable/hilarious name!

  4. Thanks! I can't even look at the website at work because our program thinks it's porn. haha!

  5. Love the dress and necklace!

  6. I love the print on your dress and that necklace is fabulous!


  7. oh my goodness, totally obsessed with this print. Bold and chic. You look amazing. Adore this post, love. If you get a sec, I'd love to hear your thoughts on my latest outfit post. Thanks, love. xo

  8. Love the print on that dress! And that's great that they sent you a new item :)

  9. Great blog and style! I'm definitely following you:)
    Hugs and kisses