Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween Weekend

If you follow me on Instagram (thriftland) then I'm sure you saw all of my Halloween festivities this past weekend. Friday night I had a fun party at my house.  I've already shared some of the decorations I did with you but I thought I would also share some photos too!

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10.30.12 014 (1)
My neighbor, a peacock, Flying princess kitty, Care Bear, Jem, Honey Boo boo, Greta Garbo (I think)
Aceasaurus, football player, fashion blogger

10.30.12 018 (1)10.30.12 023
My cousin Sarah was a fashion blogger and her husband was Perez Hilton

10.30.12 025
Indiana Jones trying to swap out the golden idol

Saturday night I went out with Megan and Nora to their favorite bar for karaoke and a costume contest. You can check out more about their costume here but they won first! They were the many faces of Johnny Depp. Super clever!
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Sunday was all about Ace. My friends own a dog daycare and they had a huge Halloween party to raise money for a couple of dog rescue organizations. There was a costume contest, bobbing for bones, games, a food truck and tons of cute dogs in costumes. I wish I would have taken more pictures of all the dogs! Since Ace was a dinosaur and I didn't feel like dressing up again, I used items from my closet and went as a paleontologist. I should have worn a name tag or something because no one really got it. That's OK though!

I hope you had a good Halloween weekend and that you are also celebrating today! I'm going to carve my pumpkins and watch a movie or two. Have a great holiday!!


  1. Great pictures!! I loved your costumes - both yours and Ace's!

  2. you look SO cute! All of you do, really. Fashion blogger and perez hilton, love it!