Thursday, October 4, 2012

Mount Vernon Part One

Get ready for a photo heavy post...

I really liked this place! If you don't know what Mount Vernon is George Washington's home. I was surprised by how much furniture and things were in the actual house seeing as it was built in the 1700's. Most older homes I've been to have either reproductions or items that are from a similar time period but did not belong to the actual family.  Apparently, a lot of the items in the house belong to the family and are the actual items that George and Martha used. You couldn't take any photos in the house unfortunately but it was really neat.  The home itself was smaller than I expected. Also, a lot of the rooms were quite small and divided up which is the opposite of other large homes I've seen. The only downside is the sheer amount of people that go through the house at one time. You don't have one guide that shows you around like other home tours. What you get is on person who stands in the room and repeats the same couple of facts about it. A lot of the time, we came in on the end of one speech so the information was a little pieced together. The home itself is actually wood made to look like stone. I'm sure this is why the kitchen and the laundry were separate from the rest of the home.

9.24.12 143

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The grounds however were quite extensive and really impressive. Amazing views of the Potomac and lots of outbuildings to see. You could even take a specific Hidden Treasures tour and see all of the places where they filmed the movie. What I liked most is they had things from different points in his life.  The home was obviously not the same when he was President as it was when he was just a general.  We had to catch our flight so we didn't get to see as much or take as much time as I would have liked but I'm sure I will be going back again!

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Stay tuned for part 2 later on!


  1. Great photos! I visited Mount Vernon with school when I was in 9th grade - so long ago now I've forgotten a lot about it. Looking forward to part 2!

  2. I would love to visit there someday!

  3. Very nice pics. Makes me want to go there.

  4. Great pictures - I've never been there! And how cute are you by the way? :)


  5. Thanks! I am loving my new lens. The pictures look great without much effort :)

  6. You should go! Make sure to go when the market is there!